Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Bible: How It Became My Stable Data

Many had been written about The Bible already.  The Bible is the single most translated book of ancient religions.  No other book can compare.  I am not a Bible Scholar or an expert of the Bible, nor am I a Bible Teacher.  I have yet much to learn of the Bible and from it.  I am just an ordinary person who have come to know the truths of the Bible and cleared it to be my Stable Data.  I am just motivated to share how I did that using the basic tools I also come to learn, the rules or principles in:  Learning How To Learn and How To Build Stable Data.

You can search the Internet about the Bible and you will get a ton of links to information.  So, why am I writing about the Bible?  I am writing to help one get into the framework of facts that have helped me clear the Bible and be Stable Data to me.  I remember the first time I had been given a Bible Study I was asked if I believe in the Bible and if I believe that their is an Elohim in the Heavens?  I was twelve years old then, but since I was brought up in a Christian family and community I naturally espouse the same belief.  But in the back of my mind, however, I cannot yet comprehend.  I did not have the level of certainty I have today.

On later years, I accompanied a friend to a Bible Study and the very first questions asked before the study are the same questions I was asked.  This time, I asked why the question has to be asked.  The answer was something like:  If one do not believe on an Elohim and the authority of the Bible as the Word and Testimony of an Elohim, the study would be futile and there is no need to continue.  Then I asked, is it a requirement?  And the answer was, Yes, it is!  I received that answer and left it at that.  In my mind, however, I was wrestling with the question: "Is it really a requirement?"  But settled with that answer, with an open mind and an expectation of the best answer to come later.

I consider myself very faithful, in human terms, until I got carried away and stopped believing on an Elohim, became an atheist for several years.  Then a friend introduce me to their pagan religion.  I was not really interested, but out of respect I listened and learned their teachings.  In my mind, I was making comparison with what I already learned of the Bible.  Then, I was making deductions and find many things that agree.  From there, I became interested in learning about other religions as well, and I did a little bit of research just to get an idea up to the level I was comfortable with.  During those times, I have learned many, many things that are really useful.  It was also during those times I immersed myself into practical philosophies that I adapt and have helped me actually get back to the Bible.  Unknowingly, during those years, I was also using the Bible from memory in making deductions.  I remember the verse "test everything and do what is good" (1Th 5:21) -- although it does not exactly say that; it is how I understand it.  And in these times, I always get the feeling that I should get the Bible and verify my deductions.

But then I was not comfortable getting back to the Bible.  So I was wrestling in myself like this for a few years.  Then I ask why do I feel the way I do about the Bible.  Why do people believe in it?  Why do people do not believe in it?  Why do Christians do not believe on the same things?  So, I got back to the Bible.  Because of these, I found contradicting references of the Bible.  I also found coherences.  But I could not balance them out.  And if I return to believing the Bible again, I know I still would not be grounded firmly.  And it would be useless.  I would just be the same as anyone else I see -- believer or unbeliever.  Until I learned my rules of learning in recent years.  And I decided to clear the Bible.

Today, I can appreciate that I was being lead gently, and perhaps those years was my schooling years so I can witness to ordinary people like myself in plain language.  And not with the tools of the scholarly but with the practical tools I come to know.  I am not saying my quest is over, though.  But I feel, the things I already learned and cleared, I must share, for our time is getting shorter and shorter.  And hoping that with these tools I might saved some souls.

I began framing my viewpoint from my entire life experience.  I was not taught how to study the Bible.  Only gentle proddings to keep reading the Bible.  And reading I did.  I read the entire Bible once, only once, in my teens, and only once and it did not make sense to me.  After that I just settled on reading the gospels in the New Testament -- Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts.  And just focused on the story of Jesus (Yahushua).  Even then I still got carried away.

In my childhood I was told countless Bible stories.  The story of creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Enoch, Noah and the flood, Abraham, Abraham and Lot, Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah, Isaac, Jacob and Esau, Joseph, Moses, Exodus, Israelites in the wilderness, the commandments, Joshua, Gideon, Saul, David, Solomon, The Queen of Sheba, Daniel, Jesus (Yahushua) and His disciples, and Paul.  These are the ones I am most familiar with and can readily retell from memory.

So I formed my viewpoint with all these and working an imaginary timeline from memory as my starting point.  Whether these were true accounts or not, I would not know then, I was beginning on an empty slate.  And using my tools:  Learning How To Learn and How To Build Stable Data I set out on a quest to clear the Bible for myself -- to get myself grounded on Absolute Truth of whether the Bible is trustworthy enough (at least). Or is it just a myth, a fable, a fabrication of man of old, or is it just a philosophy of man.

From this exercise I can expect one of two things:

1.  I can prove to myself the Bible is an absolute myth, a fable or fabrication of man or a philosophy of man.  From this I can deduce that there really is no Elohim.  The philosophies of man after all are necessary for man's progress and benefit.  Man is really the elohim (g-d) of man.  Man is the creator of himself.  And perhaps man just evolved from frogs and monkeys after all; according to the theory of Darwin in evolution.  And the universe really came to be out of The Big Bang theory.  And so forth, in this line of reasoning.

2.  OR:  I can prove the Bible to myself, that it is trustworthy enough, if not absolutely true.  From this I can deduce that the Elohim the Bible speaks of is true, if the Bible is its recorded witness.  That He indeed is the Creator of all things (Gen 1:1, Isa 40:28).  That He is a Ruach (Breath, Wind, Jn 4:24) and cannot be seen.  That He created Adam and Eve (Gen 1:27,2:7,2:22).  That Adam and Eve was originally immortal and became mortal (Gen 2:17,3:4).  That The Creator is the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Ex 3:6,15,16).  That He personally gave the commandments to Moses (Ex 31:18).  That He manifest Himself to us in the flesh through His Messiah, Yahushua, His only Son from His bosom (Mat 1:1, Mar 1:1 Luk 2:11, Jn 3:16).  And through Him the great Elohim was introduced to us as our Heavenly Father (Mat 5:45,48,6:1,4,6,8,9).  That whosoever believes on the Son might have access to the Father and might be saved (Jn 3:16).  That man might gain eternal life through the Son (Jn 3:16).  That there will be an end to earth's history as recorded in this book.  That every one will face judgment day (Eccl 12:1,14).  That this earth and its heavens will be totally destroyed by fire (Mat 13:42,50).  That those who are chosen will be saved, will have eternal life, and will be rewarded (2Ti 4:14, Rev 22:12).  That man can choose to be chosen to be saved (Mat 5:48, Jn 3:16, 2Th 2:13,15).  That there will be a new heaven and a new earth (Rev 3:12,21:1,2).  And all that is written in it is trustworthy and true.

NOTE:  On item 2 above, I did not have this much data then when I set out and got started.  But this at least represents the summation of different viewpoints of christian churches today, and mine now--that I have cleared for myself, more or less, or give and take a little, to get you started.  You can list down your data -- facts or fable, whatever that you wish to clear.  In your walk however, you will find more and learn more.  It all depends on your viewpoint or worldview.  And you will also find false doctrines from All Christian Churches, no exceptions.  This document is a short walk-through of how the Bible came to be Stable Data to me.  I'm hoping to inspire how to clear the facts we can find today.  Using the tools I share in this blog.  I trust you already know the rules of Learning How To Learn and How To Build Stable Data, but just in case, I share here for a quick refresher.  These are practical study tools that have helped me.

Once I have these written down, I then started on obvious things that can readily be verified physically.  Places accounted in the Bible:  Egypt, Assyria, Jerusalem, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, etc.  I then search the Internet for archaeological evidence of stories accounted in the Bible such as:  The Israelites in Egypt, The crossing of the Red Sea, The rock that gave the Israelites water in the wilderness.  The Ark of Noah.  The Temple of Solomon.  Evidence of idols the Israelites fall unto.  The tomb of Yahushua.  The Ark of the covenant.  The residue of Sodom and Gomorrah.  And any evidence that proves the account in the Bible.

These took me several years because back then not much can be found on the Internet.  Unlike today, most of these are already in the Internet.  And can readily be verified.  The first thing that got cleared with me was the Blackened Peak of Mt. Sinai.  I check this out immediately in the Internet, and in Google Maps.  The location of Mount Sinai today is Jabal al Lawz in Saudi Arabia.  Do search:  [Blackened Peak of Mt Sinai].

Once I found this, I got connected to other finds as well:  the account of the crossing of the Red Sea, the rock that gave water to the Israelites in the wilderness, the Ark of the Covenant, Noah's Ark, Israelites in Egypt....  I also saw a video snippet of the evidence of the crossing of the Red Sea from a friend, and later I also saw it in National Geographic.  I was in awe.  And I read the account again in the Bible (Ex. 13-15).  And it was at this point that the imagery became very real and it was cleared to me.

The account was faithful.  That there was an Elohim so powerful as to bring the Israelites out of Egypt with a Mighty hand indeed, divide the sea for the Israelites to cross.  That there was a people called the Israelites who lived in Egypt, where the Jews (we know today) came from and where the Messiah came from.  Of the above I mentioned, only the Temple Of Solomon have not been found.  Perhaps because it was totally destroyed.

After this, I repented and get back to the old tradition I was brought up.  But this was only the beginning.  I continued in my search and verification of these new found evidence and more.

The source -- the Wyatt Archaeological Research, headed by Ron Wyatt who have found these is trustworthy.  Although many discredit Ron Wyatt that he is not an Archaeologist.  I believed that the Father set-apart Ron Wyatt and his Family for this very task for us today.  The world may not acknowledge him as an archaeologist, but his finds are archaeological finds.  Proving the account of Israelites in Egypt, the Exodus, the Rock Moses Struck that brought water to the Israelites in the wilderness is trustworthy, hence the Bible is trustworthy.  A faithful witness to a great and mighty Elohim.  The Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

So now the Bible at this point in my life has become a Trustworthy Data.  And my viewpoint has shifted.  I am much more grounded at this point than I was before then.  But I still have much more to do.  The Bible must yet become a Stable Data.  I was ready for the ultimate test.  To prove it to myself, firsthand, personally, to experience it -- the rule in clearing data that make them stable.  So I prayed and asked in prayer.  And I found my answers in Medical Science.

I postulated that any medicine or prescription, whether traditional, alternative or conventional not grounded on the Torah is a likely suspect -- meaning -- not beneficial to man in the long run.  And could even be harmful.  So, when ask what is best for maintaining health and for health conditions.  I would respond according to the Torah.  New discoveries such as Botox, Stem Cells I made some predictions of these base on my postulates.  And the results are very obvious, it is amazing.  The Torah is a faithful witness.  And I knew for certain the Bible is a Stable Data to me from that moment.  If you have not proven the Bible firsthand, in person, you have not cleared it yet, and to you it is a Trustworthy Data.  Don't believe me, but time will come when your faith is tested, you might not know you are already deceived.  Until it is Stable Data to you, make every effort to find a way to experience it firsthand.  Pray and ask the Father.

This is very important because many professed to believe in the Bible but fall on the authority trap, for example the authority of Medical Science as we can see today many who professed to be Christians fall on their traps.  How much more when the restrainer is released (2Th 2:6) and those who are not grounded shall be delivered to the workings of "Satan" (2Th 2:7,8,9-10,11,12).

Now the doctrines I knew are not yet Stable Data.  I then entertain such questions as:  Why do many churches do not agree?  What is really the theme of the Bible?  How is the Bible canonized or came to be what it is today?  How was it preserved all these years?  And what about the contradictions in the Bible?  And more questions like these.

Then I learned that the trusted source came from what is known as the "Textus Receptus" Latin for Received Text.  These are considered to be genuine.  The rest are suspects of altered texts.  This however is very hard to clear.  But the logic that the texts are coming from different sources came to agree with one another must be the genuine text is good enough for me.  Rather than one source claiming to be much more ancient and authentic but no other sources as witness to its theme for trustworthiness.

Note: this however, does not make it Stable Data to me. The Wikipedia account of this today, does not even do justice, and can even cast doubts. I would not be surprised if its authenticity should be subject to criticism. But the Bible also states that it can prove itself (Isa 8:20,28:10,13). So I must be ready for a possibility of correction with my understanding later if it ever comes. And for this reason, I advocate that we must be open minded and expect developments regarding this. Whether it is truthful or twisted truth, that remains to be seen and we must be on guard.

Remember, I am not a Bible Scholar and I do not have their resources and the time for me to follow through what they have been through. But I must trust their trustworthiness of their judgment with the same spirit I have today--the spirit of a Seeker Of Truth with no biases. So I can use their work and the works after it -- the translated Bibles -- for my study purposes.

I must remind you, that because of these reasons, the Bible doctrines we have been taught cannot be Stable Data, instead Trustworthy Data.  With Trustworthy Data, however, we can work with but it is not good enough for us, specially in these last days.  I believe that it is these reasons also that we have many different churches and beliefs.  That we are told to hold on to our faith cannot really apply to this when this is not cleared.  This is not good for us.

Because of the account of the Red Sea, my faith is somehow grounded on a firm belief that trustworthy people of YHWH are set-apart to preserve the text of the original manuscripts.  And the Received Text must have been the fruit of their labors.  So, in choosing Bible translations we must bear this in mind, but not too be dogmatic that it does not contain errors, for it does.  We must be open minded and be ready to verify every point of our faith or belief (our doctrines).  Bearing in mind that our understanding (doctrines) could be wrong, because of translations, and can be corrected in time.  And bearing in mind that there might yet be better trustworthy translations so that the prophecy in the end times maybe fulfilled.  The restoration of the Hebrew language:

This prophecy in Zep 3:9, some suggest that there will be a restoration of the Hebrew language.  Actually today, the lost ancient Hebrew language is already restored in the land of Israel.  And the Restoration to Hebraic Roots Movement also supports the idea.

“For then I shall turn unto the peoples a clean lip1, so that they all call on the Name of יהוה, to serve Him with one shoulder.
Footnote: 1Or language.
(Zep 3:9 The Scriptures 1998+)

In this line Hebrew roots Bibles also sprang up in the same tradition and spirit of the Textus Receptus. However, again, we should not expect these to be perfect. Because the devil our adversary is also busy at work. But, we should not also discount these as to deprived us of a better understanding. With technology we can line up four Bibles of different versions in parallel for comparison. We can check the translation immediately with a dictionary, I used Strong's. We can readily refer to a commentary to check our level of understanding, and there are many available for free with e-Sword. And we can see immediate confirmation.

Today, I used several versions of the Hebraic Roots Bible as you will see in my posts in this blog. I also use the King James Version, the Restored Name King James Version and many more. However, I choose to tagged the verses in this blog in King James Version so the reader may have at least two comparison.

We must also bear in mind that the Bible in the past, has been hugely refuted, contested, confiscated, burned and thought to have been destroyed, but survived.  So let us not be surprised if many agents against the Bible also survived and are trying to alter its message, even in the very text of the Bible itself.  But we know the Bible can prove itself (Isa 8:20,28:10,13).  And because of this many of these alterations have surfaced.  If you have already fastened your faith in a certain translation.  You could be in danger.  You must have an open mind, and trust the Set-Apart Ruach to lead you to all the truth there is to know.

I was now ready to clear doctrines.  So, I went back to getting Bible Study again, but this time with a purpose to clear it with the help of the teacher.  It was during this time that I found my teacher can not answer many of my questions properly.  I asked several teachers in the church I used to belong to and even them can not answer my questions properly.  One professor of the Seminary even told me to not entertain such questions but trust the teacher.  Questions like:  What significance is the Trinity doctrine to one's faith?  Why are some dates in the Bible specific?  How many Spirits are in the Trinity?  And many more.  Questions like these will come by you when you start out on clearing your doctrines personally.

So, I then turned to the Internet and search for answers.  I found Bible Study Tools and installed it in my computer and all the resources that can help me come to understanding, in my own little ways.  In this way, I have appreciated my Bible Study more than any previously.  I have found many sites in the Internet until I settled with a few that resonates with what I have found myself to be true, by clearing them myself.  I never stop learning while I'm building my Stable Data at the same time.

I also found guidelines: Rules for interpreting Bible Prophecies.

And lately I learned of the Bible Code, a very powerful evidence of the integrity of the Torah (the Word). And a powerful witness to the divine design of a Super Intelligent being, the Almighty Elohim.

Search YouTube for Bible Codes. Here is one:

The Bible Codes - The Proof of God - TheCompleteTruthBlog - YouTube -

Lately, I catched on the end time restoration movements:  restoration to the Hebraic roots of our faith.   But I'm not affiliated with any one of the groups, as you will soon find out if you ever come this way. Just like how the protestant movements were infiltrated at their very beginnings, and today the agents of darkness have declared that All known religions today have already been conquered.  And this is where I am at today.  I prefer to call myself a Nazarene.  I follow what they call The Way, Yahushua, the Messiah.  For He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (Jn 14:6).  I still have much to learn and the rules of Learning How To Learn and How To Build Stable Data still applies even more so.  With the Rules on Interpreting Bible Prophecies, and by grace of the Father, through His Son, Yahushua, and the set-apart Ruach (Breath, Wind) of YHWH, I expect to find the absolute truths.

I hope that my short account of how the Bible came to be Stable Data to me would inspire you to clear it for yourselves that you too will be grounded on Absolute Truth.  Stability in Truth that you can only find personally in your experience with the Mighty Elohim, that the Bible is a witness of.

YHWH bless you!