About This Blog

Update 9 Jul 2013

When I learned the precious truths of the Bible, I wanted to share them and sharing I did.  But I have this delimma:  I know we are in the **Age Of Deceit** ~ Truth In The Age Of Deceit. I know that ALL known religions today is already conquered and already have false doctrines in the mixed. I know that some of the sources I learned the truth from also have some other teachings (other than what I share) that are questionable teachings and yet others have falsehood. One day, in fb Bible Study Group, I posted a few of these sources in one of the discussions I was involved in to bring home the truth. Thinking that those people already know how to investigate and can pick up what is true. And judging from the reactions of the participants. I knew they are rejecting to see the truth because of the other teachings that are not true. Worst yet, they are labeling it for others to be avoided. I knew then that they are not grounded in Absolute Truth -- Stable Data. And I suspect that many others are NOT still.

One night while I was writing to a friend across the ocean, I was inspired with the thought that I should share the tools which have helped me.  This was just a few weeks ago, late in June 2013.  So I began drafting and modeling my methods and organizing my thoughts.  And this blog was born.

Here I am giving the tools I used:  the rules of Learning How To Learn and How To Build Stable Data in this blog.  These I hope will empower one -- the honest Truth Seeker -- and enable one to investigate the doctrine one receives or hears.  And this gives me the confidence of sharing the sources I have learned from.  Because if one is armed with the right tools and the right mindset--one is seeking the truth.  I believe the Father will guide the one to the truth.  Do share these tools freely that all may be armed and empowered.

One is endangered only when one is not able to investigate information one receives.  If you are not investigating your doctrines,  instead trust what your teachers has taught you, you have no idea whether you are neglecting the truth.  And you are endangering yourselves of not receiving the love of the truth.  BEWARE!

Shalom! Shalom!

First Entry

I believe that one of my purposes is to share how I came to learn and understand truths from the Scriptures -- or the Set Apart Bible.  This at least is clear to me now.  But exactly what and how?  That part is not clear to me yet.

I have not updated my blogs since 2011, and maybe, just maybe, this might just be the start again.  And this shall be my main focus.  I shall touch on my other blogs as well as it fits.

I thought of "Echo Of Restoration Truths" as I learn them.  Basically recording how I came to understand them.  It sounds simple, I hope it is.

And at the same time echoing the truth by quoting them directly or better if there is a video presentation that I can post in this blog.  Up to this part, it is at least clearer.

I hope to convey or show the how and the why I came to understand the way I do and consider it stable data and building on like this little by little.

I am NOT a Bible Scholar nor an expert of the Bible.  I am just a simple Truth Seeker persistently seeking for that precious jewel of truths.  And I have found them in the Bible.  So I want to share in my own ordinary ways so that ordinary people like I am may also arrived at the truth.