Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lunar Sabbath and Solar Sabbaths

Why was it called Lunar Sabbath?

Is there a solar Sabbath?

What is a Solar Sabbath?

Why is it Solar Sabbaths (plural)?

When I learned about the Lunar Sabbath, there was only one site proclaiming it. That was

When I began this blog I found, by google search, one blog, two sites proclaiming the true weekly Sabbath of the Bible, -- which is now known as the Lunar Sabbath. I cannot locate the blog now, but the other site was (Yahuah's House of Refuge International Ministries).

It feels better to know there are people who are advancing with the truths.

And the true Sabbath -- the Lunar Sabbath.

Why was it called the Lunar Sabbath? I asked myself this question once.

I was a Saturday Sabbatarian myself for a long time, most of my life, then became an atheist, came back a Saturday Sabbatarian still, until I paused, and checked this Lunar Sabbath.

This is what I come to conclude now, why it was called the Lunar Sabbath: to differentiate and to contrast so as not to be mistaken with the "Solar Sabbath".

Because of the sun-burns, by keeping the "Solar Sabbath" for a very long time.

Saturday is a Solar Sabbath. It is based on the "Solar" Gregorian Calendar which Saturday Sabbatarians also claimed based on the perpetual motion of the sun, with no marker for beginning and ending of the weeks, nor of months except for days and years and the Papal Gregorian calendar. One could really get lost without the Papal calendar. Take note of that.

It just floats perpetually, unending, month to month, and year to year. Since its inception around 321 AD by the Authority of the Catholic Church.

Saturday became the 7th-day from around 321 AD, by virtue that it is placed on the 7th-day on the Papal Calendar by the Catholic Church. From the first day to the seventh day, and Sunday from the second day to the first day. But they did not give this information for a definite purpose. I am very sure you can deduce why. IF you begin to see the assumptions.

Saturday was not the Sabbath from creation week, that is only one of the Assumptions, framed so that it will be taken as truth -- a dogma. Take note of that.

And YES, they admit the change openly. While covering up some information.

And they really want Solar Saturday Sabbath to go on by feeding incomplete information upon another of the same. And Saturday Sabbatarians, no exceptions, eat these feeds over and over again.

One has to rely on the Papal Calendar hanging on a wall, to not get lost in the count of 1 to 7 each week and every week. Which seemingly simple to keep but actually an impossibility for a human being to keep for even a quarter of a solar year.

I tried doing it without the calendar with my normal day-to-day activities. Even if I could get hints from interaction with other people, it is still a challenge. Please take note of that.

I therefore, conclude, that because of that impossibility, our forefathers, did not bother to faithfully keep the "perpetual" cycle of seven (7) days to Sabbath count, each week after Thursday, 4 Oct 1582 when the Catholic church took out 10 days from the calendar.

Ten (10) literal days, is not the same as seven (7) days. The Sabbath should have been on the 20th still, instead of the 16th then.

But that is not all. Every four years one day is added to the calendar.

Please also see:

And IF we really should be faithful stewards, we should have sticked to the perpetual count of seven (7) days to each Sabbath, IF that was the truth, regardless of anyone adding or subtracting days to the calendar. Make sense?

And for that matter, Sabbath, 20 Oct 1582, from that day onward to our present day, should have been kept on a Wednesday without considering the additional day on leap years. But why do Solar Sabbatarians kept Saturday as the Sabbath? Even though it was clear, that it was the Papal mandate? And clear it could not be the truth?

Simple answer? Because of their tacit agreement with the Authorities of man.

And it is easier to look at a calendar hanging on a wall as a sign or signal to a "man-made-make-believe" Sabbath than to count seven (7) days perpetually after each "per se" sabbath occurence. And because counting, though it seems so simple, is a human impossibility to follow perpetually. Try it!

There were a few other changes to the calendar that would affect the perpetual Solar Saturday Sabbath. One could just search Google for "calendar changes through history" and would get "About 250,000,000 results (0.47 seconds)".

Here is a couple:

The problem in Samoa SDA Church is not Unique, It IS a Wake-Up call to ALL Sabbath Keepers and would-be Sabbath Keepers.

Here is a report from the SDA Church in behalf of the Samoa and Tonga SDA Churches:


The Sabbath in areas of the pacific affected by the IDL is absolutely unique and different to any other place in the world. Therefore the universal Adventist practice of keeping Sabbath on Saturday in conjunction to the Gregorian calendar does not apply to countries like Samoa or Tonga. While this unique situation appears inconsistent, the reality is that Sabbath keeping by Adventists worldwide has not changed. All Adventists worldwide are still marching to the rhythm of the seventh day weekly cycle as it comes to them in their respective hemispheres. So, even though the Sabbath in Samoa and Tonga is locally called Sunday, it is the same 7th day Sabbath that is called Saturday in America and the other countries located in the western hemisphere. They all keep the Sabbath together on the same day even though the day is locally called Sunday in Samoa and Tonga.

How about Sabbath in the Philippines in a similar fate like Samoa? When the Catholic Church remove one day, December 31, 1844. By the same logic as the report above, it should follow that the Sabbath day in the Philippines should have also been Sunday from then on, to our present day. But look at SDA Church in the Philippines today, which day do they keep as Sabbath?

How much more the ten 10 days that were removed from the calendar in October 4, 1582? The Sabbath from then on, to our present day would have been on Wednesday?

But then again, Sabbath would not be fixed on Wednesday after the first leap year, a day is added. And the second leap year another day, the third and so on and on after that, to our present day. It would appear the Sabbath would float even on the Gregorian calendar every four years, wouldn't it?

So much for the "unbroken cycle since creation". It only proves that the Samoan SDAs are the more faithful few among the Sabbath Keepers. IF indeed we consider the unbroken cycle since October 15, 1582 after the last major changed of the calendar is to be "considered the truth as a make believe unbroken cycle since creation and to be preached as such." And NEVER MIND IT Only came about in 1582. And never mind the leap years either.

(This is self-deception uncovered right in front of our noses and most can't even recognized it.)

I know what some are already thinking. Let me ask this: Which is correct or IF you say the truth (according to you)? "the unbroken perpetual cycle since creation?" OR "the cycle of the frame of week given by the Pope in the Gregorian calendar that hangs on a wall?".

To whom is the SDA Church, in behalf of Samoa SDA Church making a report to? To heaven? To the Pope? To the powers-that-be?

Again, the account of the Samoa SDA Church is a Wake-Up call to all "Saturday Sabbath Keepers".

Like the Pyramid in Louvre, France is likewise a report to the powers-that-be that all known religions in the world today are already in their control. Which means, they can shape your way of thinking, even what you believed to be false would seem to be true. Delusion?

For me, it is proof that the Solar Saturday Sabbath, is not the true Sabbath. And even if, our forefathers should have kept the Solar Wednesday Sabbath after the 10 days was taken out of the calendar. We would still have this problem in Samoa today.

Why? Because, it is clearly man-made. It is clear to me that it is the Sabbath created by the Pope -- Pope Gregory. And it is not the Sabbath of the Most High.

While our forefathers profess to be faithful, they were actually faithful to the calendar, by virtue of being deceived by omition of information, rather than to the principle of perpetual 7th-day count to the Sabbath, given that it was our first revelation.

There is another reason, I see, why our forefathers still kept the Solar Saturday Sabbath, instead of BE faithful to the perpetual count of seven (7) days each and every week after each Sabbath occurrence, after the 10 days was taken out of the calendar.

That is, they may already know that the true Sabbath was already lost, and taking the Jews as an example which did not budge either for obviously avoiding persecution. So they let it at that, with faith that the habit of keeping the Sabbath would still continue with a tacit collective hope that the future generations -- that's us -- would find the truth and truth will be restored.

By observing the moon, After just a few times of observing the Lunar Sabbath, I noticed, as well as anyone can, that indeed the moon signals when the Sabbath is, just by observing it. (Gen 1:14-16 - the lights were also "appointed" to be "signs" and for "appointed times"; and Psa 104:19 - the moon is "appointed" for "appointed times"; and Lev chapter 23 "LISTED" the weekly sabbath as THE FIRST "appointed times" of the Almighty).

The moon has an observable phases that corresponds to number of days and weeks and months and for years together with the sun and the stars. Half moons and a full moon tells you that the following morning is a Sabbath.

So the moon is clearly the one of the two greater lights appointed as the sign, to signal the weekly appointed times, which is the weekly Sabbath. And also the other Sabbaths and festivals of the Almighty listed in Lev 23.

The sun is also a sign, to signal the morning and the evening appointed times of worship, of offering and sacrifices. (Num 28:3,4)

“And you shall say to them, ‘This is the offering made by fire which you bring to יהוה: two male lambs a year old, perfect ones, daily, a continual burnt offering.
(Num 28:3 The Scriptures 1998+)

‘The one lamb you prepare in the morning, and the other lamb you prepare between the evenings,
(Num 28:4 The Scriptures 1998+)

The sun tells us when a day begins and when it ends.

And also by virtue and default because the Jews who are supposedly the keepers of the covenant kept the Solar Sabbath that is signaled by a calendar hanging on a wall. And also the SDAs and the rest of the Sabbatarians, supposedly the second witness also followed the Jews.

But the Jews left the true weekly Sabbath to end their persecutions by the Romans. And SDA's and the rest of the Sabbatarians just assumed the Jews have faithfully kept and guarded the Saturday Sabbath since creation without interruption, despite the myriad interruptions -- correction for lost days, and discrepancies of time-keeping between opposing hemispheres.

So the name Lunar Sabbath makes sense because the opposing Sabbath is actually a Solar Sabbath.

Quite a contrast as even a child could also see. Except the Lunar Sabbath cannot be tampered by man. The Solar Sabbath, however, since it does not tell or "signal" whether it is Sabbath or not by observing it, man has to rely on a "signal" that hangs on a wall. And at any time man can actually changed it, as was demonstrated on the past many times, already.

Yah Bless You!