Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How To Clear A Word

Word Clearing is the process of understanding the true meaning of a word being use in the context it is used by the aid of a dictionary.

A word is cleared when all of its meanings in each of its concepts is fully understood and its understanding is demonstrated in the construction of several sentences in each of its concepts. Including additional information that is given in the dictionary, such as synonym, idiomatic expression, etymology, pronunciation and the like.

The misunderstood word is the very notorious barrier to learning.

Often many of the simple and seemingly ordinary words that are frequently use are the misunderstood words during word clearing.

Words such as "a", "an", "the", "by", "be", "in", "it", "is", "of", "exists", "life", "come", "run" and many more.

I suggest you set aside a specific time in clearing any of the simple words you already thought you knew. And you will find there are many of these simple words we use everyday that are misunderstood.

For this simple words one must have a very good dictionary to clear them. Because these words have many different meanings depending on how they are used in the sentence and the context it is being used.

The simple dictionaries omitted most of these probably because they assumed most people already know them. Partly true, most people know one or two different meanings and usage of these words but the word/s still remains not fully understood. And when they are used in an unusual context they will most likely be misunderstood. And will create gaps or blanks in one's mind.

Add that with the study of the Bible with context that are sometimes very much foreign to what we come to know.

Often times false teachings and doctrines are the result of the misunderstood words in their original language or in the context it is used.

The Seeker Of Truth must diligently clear each doctrine of all misunderstood words to arrive at the closes approximation of truth to the absolute truth.

This is the rule, the exact steps to word clearing:

  • 1. Check that you have the tools you need.

    Dictionaries on hand:

    English and Local language dictionaries and Bible dictionaries and concordance.

    And Bible commentaries.

    Google will suffice for quick lookups but not good enough. Normally when you use Google another option in another online dictionary is available.

    I normally just use the closest one.  Dictionary.com or Merriam-Websters or Wikipedia it does not matter, whichever comes closest that will I use.

  • 2. Look up the Misunderstood Word in the dictionary and rapidly find the meaning of the word in the context being use right away.

    Read the definition of the word that fits the context of the sentence which it was misunderstood.

    Construct several sentences with this word, four or more sentences, or until you have a very good understanding of the concept of the word.

  • 3. Then Clear each other definitions of the word in the same manner.

    If you only use Google to define the misunderstood word for you, you will miss some of the definitions of the word.

    A word always has different meanings and can be use in different context accordingly. If you miss some of these meanings, next time around when it is use in a different context it will be a misunderstood word again but in a different context, and might be hard to spot. And you will not find it in the same dictionary you used before.

    When this happens it can be frustrating, it becomes *Too Steep A Gradient* barrier that is not easily recognizable. 

    One might decide that this word clearing rule is just too hard or not working at all. And the culprit is actually the use of a very simple dictionary.

    Fortunately for us, doing it online, if we use Google to define a word, several options also comes with it, so it is just a click away.

    If you are offline, and you only have a simple dictionary, then you are stuck for the time being until you get a better dictionary.

    However, if one follows through the rule faithfully and masters it, one can go quickly in word clearing and might decide skipping the other definitions in favor of working faster.

    This is fine when one is already able to spot and recognize the manifestations of the barriers to learning. And are able to handle it immediately.

    Do not clear specialize definitions (scientific word, math, etc). If you do, it will take you a while to clear a single word.

    Often times one will get stuck because of the Absence of Mass barrier. So leave the specialized definitions.

    Also leave the archaic words, words that are no longer being used in our day.  

  • 4. Clear the etymology of the word to gain the basic understanding of the word.

    Etymology describes the origin of the word and how their meaning have change throughout history.

  • 5. Clear idioms of the word if given.

    Some words are used in idiomatic expressions. Idioms are group of words or phrases that form a different meaning from the word when it stands alone.

  • 6.  Then, Clear synonyms, anthonyms of the word and other information that is given in the definition.

    Most dictionaries only give the synonyms, this is fine.

  • 7. Clear any misunderstood word in the definition of the word being cleared in the same way right away.


Conflicting doctrines between Bible churches are for the most part hints of misunderstood words that lead to different doctrines. However some of it are borne out of purpose to deceive the very chosen people.

We are so blessed today because of the technological advances we have. Computers and the Internet make it easier to study the Bible, to search and to verify information quickly.

However, the very leaders of most churches, if not all, are telling their members not to use these technologies and the Internet. For fear that their members might find out the truth and would leave their churches or denominations and they would lose their "tithes and offerings and donations".

But a time will come when we will no longer be able to use the same freely as we do today. So, I urge you, utilize them now to the fullest you can in studying the Living Word -- the Bible.

The internet is a neutral ground. There is good and bad in it. We live in Babylon, we live in an Age Of Deceit. Deception is the name of the game.

But you are most endangered when you are unable to investigate the information you receive. And much more if you do not know how to investigate. And most churches, if not all, do not teach their members how to.

May the Seeker of Truth be equipped with the right tools, right rules and instructions and be empowered.

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YHWH Bless You!!!