Thursday, July 23, 2015

Beware! The Racial Wars Coming!!

With much knowledge, much responsibility.

This essay is a product of my over active imagination.

Please, if you will indulge for a moment, watch the video. Then try to take inventory of your thoughts, specifically, asking what, when, and how.


  • What is the meaning of this?

  • What other information I have gathered from various media could connect to this?

  • What other information from my religion could connect to this?

  • When did I get these information? What was the social environment then?

  • How did all these came to be like this? and the like questions.

This racial war coming is connected to the "mystery" that Shaul/Paul alludes to, in Rom 11:25a.

For I do not wish you to be ignorant of this secret, brothers, lest you should be wise in your own estimation, that hardening in part has come over Yisra’ĕl, until the completeness of the gentiles has come in.
(Rom 11:25 TS98)

I had been asking the question "What Is the Fullness of the Gentiles?" for a while now, in prayer and in meditation. Perhaps over a year already.

And fullness means maturity, wholeness, completeness in all areas, to mention a few: economic, financial, educational, spiritual and the like whether it be good or evil. And All of these are interconnected together.

The real Trayvon / Zimmerman race war plan unveiled: Foment racial division, ignite violent riots, declare martial law
"In the Bible it says black people must live with black people and white people must live with white people," he says. "You cannot mix nations. I don't have black friends. If they come to my side and ask to speak to me, I will say no. Or I will turn my back on them and walk away."
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And this Racial Wars Coming is the result of a minute part of the growth towards maturity before achieving true maturity or fullness of the Truth.

Instead of maturity in the Truth, they got hanged up and have matured in the "dogmas" or "ideology" Of an entity (i.e. a church, organization, affiliation, etc) and invoked to war by the masters of the "crowd control" outside of one's entity.

Hence, we can know what is coming, but be oblivious of what to do and not do. Unless we know the Truth.

We are at war, but the battle front for most of the world is not seen, nor felt, nor heard, not yet physical. The battle front is in spiritual level, encompassing our financial, educational, social, personal and within the family areas of our lives. With just one objective, to cover up the Truth.What Is Truth Then?

What Is Truth? The answer should make us aware we are at war. By which should give us a major advantage among many who are oblivious of the enemy among us.

I Think: This Racial War Coming is just one such battle, it is already called war, because it affects almost all areas of ones life. I think this is the result of Hiding the Truth, the overall war we are supposed to have been fighting.

What is really coming up, is the maturity of the "dogma" already engrained, nourished, and will have achieved its fullness. That any warning will no longer make any sense, even this essay, will not make any sense at all.

Religion will be the major hit target as the cause of this war. The re-emergence of the atheist ideology is the tell-tale sign.

The emergence of the Zeitgeist movie was a tell-tale sign that deception has come to its "fullness" or "maturity", which means it has reached the point of no return.

This is why from then on, sinfulness or iniquity has gotten a bold face. Iniquity means, an addictive sin. A sin that we love doing again and again. I'm guessing, all of us, have been here already. Perhaps, some are even, still here, and still struggling with Elohim aka a personal Jacob's Trouble; the result of going back to the Truth.

But because we have been deceived that we are at peace with the devil, we perceive that there is no war. While the devil secretly, and constantly fighting against us. Breaking down every barrier of resistance, until the last target is broken.

Some of us have already perceived this war, but oblivious of their actions, believing they are fighting by holding on the perceived Truths, which in stark reality are unTruths.

Like one who perceives danger while driving but instead of squeezing the brakes, one squeezed on the gas. With full knowledge of what is coming, but oblivious of one's actions. Fully knowing what is coming but unable to stop to take a break, to pause and ponder. To do a self-examination against the Standard of Truth.

An example is the call to "come out of her my people", Rev 18:4, a few understood and came out of "churchianity". The majority, instead of coming out, they are holding fast to their "church" (any Church or Denomination, no exception) by saying we must be the Remnant Church, the True Israelites. Without even knowing what these means.

Might these keywords, help us seek some answers? (There might be more questions to ask aside from these, do not hesitate to ask questions and in searching for answers to your questions.)

  • What Is Truth? The Torah is the Truth. Truth = Torah. What Is Truth?

  • The Trinity -- This is our enemy. The Abomination that causes Desolation. Might there be a subtle connection?Rom 10:2 - They have a zeal for Elohim, but they do not know Him. Instead, they knew a triune g-d of the pagans. And they created a g-d, J-sus Christ, using the story of the Jewish Messiah who was a man, and died. The Almighty Elohim cannot die.Rom 6:23 -- The wages of sin is death, the Almighty Elohim cannot sin, the Torah is His Character. The Almighty Elohim, YHWH, and Yahushua HaMashiach cannot be the same supreme being.The Pyramid Is Our EnemyDeut 6:4,14,15

    By installing the Trinity, the Powers-That-Be has effectively divided the Jews and the Christians/Catholics. By creating Islam they have effectively conquered the middle east, except one tiny part. By creating Christianity they have effectively divided the Assembly of YHWH and of His Messiah into different churches and denominations.

  • Repentance, The real meaning is Going Back to the Torah after "destroying the house of sin".

    Repent means "destroy the house of sin". After one has destroyed the house of sin (repent), where does one go? Repent (in Hebrew word pictures) - & Be Holy -

    "To The Torah and to The Testimony".

  • What is meant by "Be Perfect even as your Father in heaven is Perfect?"

  • The "ekklesia" is Not Translated correctly but Rendered as "church" in our Bibles, might that contribute to the situation by means of dividing classes of peoples according to what was decided by the authorities through their teachings? (The burgeoning of discrimination?)The Judeofascists and their White collaborators: instigating race wars and racial conflict designed to destroy the WestPreparing for race war: The South African white supremacist bootcamps which are training thousands of youths to fight blacks and create an apartheid state Read more:

  • Who are the Israelites? What happened to them? Where are they now? If they can be traced. Can they be traced? Shocking answers that can readily be found on the net can, privily, further the injury. IF the truth of the matter according to Scriptures is not uncovered -- the "mystery".

  • The Hebrew Israelites -- I found this keyword intriguing, and later realized the subliminal message is: "the modern Israelites or Jews are not descendants of the Hebrews from of old", another kind of those shocks anyone will encounter as one continues to search. Who Are The Modern Jews? -

    And one has learned the truth of this, might be labeled as anti-semitic.

  • The Leper in the Bible -- A mystery phenomenon, I wonder if it has already been understood.

  • Ritual Uncleanness, Ritual Cleansing - one paradigm purposefully buried, or rejected by many. Might restoring it lead to understanding the mystery?Eze 22:26, 44:23Zec 3:4 -- a vision of how Yahushua HaMashiach was cleansed after he was mikveh'd (baptized) by John the Baptizer, a shadow picture of the transposition ministry of Yahushua.Mark 1:40-45 -- Yahushua cleansed a leper. What have had happened, would it be similar to what YHWH did to Moshe in Exo 4:6?

  • Mikveh vs Baptism or Rather Mikveh = Baptisms (plural) - in relation to Ritual Uncleanness and Cleanness and cleansing, purposefully twisted, and it seems, in Christianity no one noticed.

  • The Appointed Times, New Moon and the Sabbaths, purposefully buried, if not, fused with pagan practice, alas, it has been restored and many are becoming aware. And whether they, who have found, or been found by, the message would restore it in their lives or not, to become the family of Elohim or not, is emerging.

  • The Abomination that causes Desolation is now setup in America.

  • What Is Meant By Cleansed? And Ritually Cleansed? Also connected with the mystery.

  • The Spirit Of Prophecy as the Gift of Prophecy, is it a subtle twist of unrighteous discrimination? The Spirit Of Prophecy

  • The Abominable Things, the curses that confirms the Abomination that causes Desolation is already setup in America, already seeping out into the whole world. When will it be in Jerusalem is the next question.

  • Who Are The Gentiles? A message that will either divide or unite the peoples. Who Are The Gentiles?

  • Who Are The Lost Tribes Of Israel? This is in the heart of the mystery that Shaul/Paul alludes to, but is greatly misunderstood.

  • A clue from the message in Leviticus chapter 19 and repeated by the Mashiach in Matthew chapter 5, and by Ya'aqov in James chapter 2. Ever know someone who was told that the Old Testament or just the Torah is done away with? They should read these passages over and over again, until it sinks in that it is not true.

    Leviticus chapter 19 is the heart of the Torah, or as the Golden Rule of the Torah.

    It gives us a clue who are the True Israelites, for it tells us who Israel is called to be.

  • The Mystery or Secret that Shaul/Paul alludes to.

  • Armageddon.

Colorism/ Intro-racial: The Race Wars within the African Community

Whether we like it or not, we have all been indoctrinated in one way or another, more often than not subliminally, that there is a racial divide. One is chosen and the rest are not.

The Keywords I had mentioned here, I have picked them up from "churchianity" which seems unrelated, but are really related and were planted by the Powers-That-Be to refute the Truth -- meaning its purposes is to refute the Truth subliminally.

What Is Truth then? And Just like a little constant drop of water (subliminal unTruth message) upon a solid rock (the professed believer) will bore a hole in the solid rock in time.Please see: What Is Truth?

The question: What Is Truth? Must first be answered correctly, otherwise, every little understanding or misunderstanding could just be this little constant drip of water which will eventually become a dogma -- A Relative Truth -- Truth based on one's opinion or an Authority other than the "Truth".

Dogmas act upon an individual like smoke seeping in crevices without being detected. One then becomes self-righteous without being righteous. And one is not aware of it.

And whether we like it or not, we see others according to this subliminal (smoke) "racial filters" installed, ingrained in our minds which we are ready to refute that it is not true. Even backing up with Scriptures, but our actions shows otherwise.

We esteem ourselves either lowly or highly against another individual. And act accordingly, unwittingly.

But, Also deep in us. Although we tend to disregard it: Is the concrete, explicit knowledge that we are inter-connected. And DNA have already proven it is true.

When we are aware of the Truth, we also become aware of our actions, and become corrected.

For this reason, our Enemy, the Enemy of Mankind, must cover up the Truth, to further his agenda in all aspects of human life.

Ever wonder why some of the teachings we hear, even from the professed ministers of the Gospels, are called "peripheral" Truth? This is to fused the source of Truth with just a little bit of a lie, that can hardly be noticed. And these professed ministers of the Gospels are either innocent or willing agents. You decide.

The word "peripheral" already says subliminally that Truth is Not Constant, Truth is Not Consistent.

  • For example: Our dictionaries already define Truth as Relative to Reality. It's original meaning is "faithfulness" and "constancy". What Is Truth?

    It is a subtle seed of a statement of inconsistency about the Truth.

  • Today, this kinds of seeds have fully grown and bear fruits: Agnosticism, Atheism, Unbelief, Relative Truth, to name a few.

    Because the source of Truth is The Almighty Elohim. And if He is already labeled subtly as inconsistent, what fruits would it bring?

    Trinity is the major doctrine that subliminally labeled the Almighty Elohim as inconsistent. Making Him a corruptible man and a bastard who died on the stake, to offer himself to himself.

    These may not appear to support the subject we are on, for little did we know that these actually fuels this very subject we are on now.

  • Truth is like salt in this regard: When salt (Truth) loses its saltiness (meaning), it becomes useless.

    When Truth is viewed as inconsistent, even subtly or subliminally it loses its meaning. And our present definition by our own admission, through our present dictionaries, confirms it.

  • Then matters such as this subject we are on now, will be grossly misunderstood, and Truth about this matters becomes Relative, and whoever is the Majority, or Who is in Power or in Authority -- whether in Religion/Church, Politics, Civil Groups even in a family unit -- Whoever is in Power makes the Rules.

    This is most dangerous, in Civil Groups, because these are the fruits, or the victims, who have become unwitting agents by acting willingly on the dogmas planted.

    Even using twisted truth, to back it up.

    When an individual matures in dogma, the same becomes a danger to society in varying degrees depending on what dogma they hold onto.

    For winning becomes a necessity.

  • Whereas with the Truth guarded, Truth is the standard. Truth Rules. Truth is Objective.


While the movement going back to the Hebraic Roots of one's faith is moving. There is not seen a clear path yet, that anyone can readily see and follow.

And it does not seem to look like there will ever be, for the Lost Tribes. Unless one decides to seek the path. While The Mashiach instructed us to Take His Yoke -- meaning: to go back to the Torah of Moshe/Moses -- He has also issued the warning message: Do not be deceived.

Because, while you take His yoke (the Torah of YHWH, Mat 11:29) upon you and learn from Him (follow how He followed the Torah), many will say "this is the way". Also they would use the words of the Mashiach who says: Go after the Lost Sheep -- The Lost Tribes of Israel, (Mat 18:12-14, Luke 15:3-7).

There it goes again, and it is interpreted and understood by many as a chosen race. Is there really a chosen race? Is the Question. And The answer is a mystery..

The Critical Questions that will fuel this coming Racial Wars are: Who are the True Israelites? Where have they gone? Where are they now?

We have various answers to these questions and if we go by scholarly research it would be clear, that whoever is in power makes the rules. Whoever makes the rules decides who rules. And various media will be used for crowd control.

One will find that there are studies that will show the True Israelites were White. There are also studies that will show the True Israelites were Black. Both of these are true at one point in time in history.

The True Israelites were Lost. Meaning they no longer can be any specific color. Because with just a few generations, (four generations), the color is lost. The True Ethnic Israelites of the bloodline of Jacob hath committed adultery and assimilated themselves among the nations. (Subject of my next post.)

We know who they are, because they have a "Zeal for Elohim", but they do not know the True Elohim.

Ever met a person who believe there is an Almighty Supreme Being who rules the entire Creation?

But worship, images of wood and stones Or the Christian J-sus Christ, the second member of the Triune G-dhead of the pagans? Who is not really the second member, because there is actually no second G-d but One? But actually also there is Not One but Three G-ds? These peoples are "confused", they are the True "Lost" Tribes of Israel.Who Are The Gentiles?

If we go by the Truth, The Truth shall set us Free. But the Truth says, only a very few will find the Truth and be set free. The rest will be in this war.

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