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Who Are The Gentiles?

The King James Bible describes Noah's son Japheth as father of the "gentiles" or "nations", (Genesis 10:5).

Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries, define "gentile" as a non-Jewish, and by implication pagan, or heathen.

It could also mean "heathen, nation", and these are other nations other than the Jewish nation.

Here are some clues from the Scriptures:

“For they are a nation lost to counsel, And there is no understanding in them.
(Deut 32:28 TS98)

  • Google Definition of "counsel" is advice, specially that is given formally. Synonyms: guidance, directions, information, guidelines, recommendations, suggestions, hints, warnings.

  • From that, we can deduce, that The Torah was given for our "counsel".

In Hebrew, and in Greek, the word "gentiles" literally means “nations.”

In Scripture it has the meaning of non-Yisra'ĕlites or non-Yehuḏim, in most cases.

The Lost Tribes of Yisra'ĕl are also called "gentiles" by the Jews. They are so called because of their behaviour, following after the gentiles.

But more specifically, because they have a zeal for Elohim, even though, they do not know Elohim, because they reject the Torah or they do not know the Torah.

In a few instances it means “many, or all nations, including Yisra'ĕl.” At times, referring to both houses, but more often referring to The Lost Tribes of Yisra'ĕl.

The true believer is repeatedly admonished not to learn the way of the gentiles (Lev 18:3, Deut 12:30, 18:9, Jer 10:2, Eze 11:12, Eze 18:9, Mic 4:5).

And those who were gentiles before they came to conversion are admonished to “no longer walk as the gentiles walk” (1Co 12:2, Eph 4:17, 1Pe 4:3).

Israel was given a warning not to go in the way of the gentiles -- the heathen. But Israel did not heed the warning and went whoring with the gentiles. So, the Master YHWH divorced Israel.

“Ephrayim mixes himself among the peoples, Ephrayim has become a cake unturned.
(Hos 7:8 TS98)

Thus says יהוה, “Where is the certificate of your mother’s divorce, whom I have put away? Or which of My creditors is it to whom I have sold you? Look, you were sold for your crookednesses, and your mother was put away for your transgressions.
(Isa 50:1 TS98)

“And I saw that for all the causes for which backsliding Yisra’ĕl had committed adultery, I had put her away and given her a certificate of divorce; yet her treacherous sister Yehuḏah did not fear, but went and committed whoring too.
(Jer 3:8 TS98)

“And I scattered them (Israel) with a storm wind among all the gentiles which they had not known. And the land was laid waste behind them, no one passing through or returning, for they made the pleasant land a waste.”
(Zech 7:14 TS98)


Although, Yahudah/Judah also committed whoring, she did not trashed the Torah altogether, like the Lost Tribes of Israel did. There still, is a remnant of Yahudah/Judah who are dispersed among the nations and are following the Torah.

The Jews today are still divided. But because of the remnant, and by their preservation of the Torah, their identity are still preserved to this day. And the Torah of YHWH is as well preserved. And this is for a certain purpose.

Although, their ways are no longer consistent with the Torah, and their hearts are hardened. There is also a reason for this to the benefit of all. Which Shaul/Paul alludes to as a mystery or a secret, Rom 11:25a.

For I do not wish you to be ignorant of this secret, brothers, lest you should be wise in your own estimation, that hardening in part has come over Yisra’ĕl, until the completeness of the gentiles has come in.
(Rom 11:25 TS98)

For I speak to you, the gentiles, inasmuch as I am an emissary to the gentiles, I esteem my service,
(Rom 11:13 TS98)

Yahushua HaMashiach, The Root of Dawid, The Lion of Yahudah/Judah. Rev 5:5, 22:16.

The Mashiach also was sent to the Gentiles--specifically, The Lost Tribes of Israel.

“Land of Zeḇulun and land of Naphtali, the way of the sea, beyond the Yardĕn, Galil of the gentiles –
(Matt 4:15 TS98)

the people who sat in darkness saw a great light, and upon those who sat in the land and shadow of death, light arose to them.”1
Footnote: 1: Isa. 9:1-2.
(Matt 4:16 TS98)

But there is no gloom upon her who is distressed, as when at first He humbled the land of Zeḇulun and the land of Naphtali, and afterward more heavily oppressed her, by the way of the sea, beyond the Yardĕn, in Galil of the nations.
(Isa 9:1 TS98)

The people who were walking in darkness have seen a great light; upon those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death a light has shone.
(Isa 9:2 TS98)

In these texts, the tribes of Israel were mentioned as among the Gentiles. Yahushua came to seek and to save the lost, the Lost Tribes of Israel, who were lost among the gentiles/nations.

They are The Lost Tribes because they have assimilated into the Nations/Gentiles, (Hos 7:8, Isa 50:1, Jer 3:8, Zec 7:14). Therefore, Gentiles or Nations and The Lost Tribes of Israel are Synonymous.

And Gentiles specifically means, the peoples among the Nations of the World who are already zealous of Elohim, except that they have no Knowledge of the Torah -- the Righteousness of Elohim, Rom 10:1-5. They hear the message, but they still are unable to understand the Torah without Shaul/Paul to teach them.

IHS was born in AD 325, sometime in 1400's the I became J and J-sus Christ came to being.

Please note the monogram "χξς" of IHS or J-sus Christ in Rev 13:18: "... καιG2532 AND οG3588 αριθμοςG706 αυτουG846 ITS NUMBER "IS" χξςG5516 SIX HUNDRED "AND" SIXTY - SIX. (Rev 13:18 IGrNT+)

It is actually, a monogram.

The same monogram can be found in Islam.

This just means, that both Christianity and Islam receives their authority from the same entity. The dragon of Revelation 12:17, 13:4, 12:9 -- that old serpent called the devil and satan.

Just like in our day, many are zealous of Elohim and His Mashiach, but do not know Elohim. But they know the Triune G-d of the pagans, in which the central G-d is IHS who was born in AD 325, whom later, around the 1400 came to be J-sus H Christ or J-sus Christ.

Taking on the story of the Jewish Messiah, twisted it to accommodate the pagan Trinity. And They have no knowledge of the Torah--The Teachings of YHWH, the true Elohim.

That is because some of the "Gentiles" have nailed the "Tanakh" or "The Old Testament" to the cross, some have nailed the Torah to the cross, and some have divided the Torah to "Moral Law" and "Ceremonial Law", took the "Ten Words or Commandments", and discarded the rest of the Teachings of YHWH, which they conveniently called "the ceremonial laws". Also conveniently discarding Shaul/Paul's teachings, the entire book of Hebrews surreptitiously.

When Shaul/Paul speaks of the world, it means, the whole world. When he speaks of the Gentiles, it means those non-Jews who have a zeal for Elohim, but have no Knowledge of Him (do not know the Torah, or discarded the Torah).

When he speaks of Israel, he means, the Lost Tribes of Israel and the Jews together, have been united in the Torah, grafted back in, because of their obedience to the Torah, and belief (obedience) in Yahushua HaMashiach. Please note this differences.

“For the Son of Aḏam has come to seek and to save what was lost.”
(Luke 19:10 TS98)

‘For thus said the Master יהוה, “See, I Myself shall search for My sheep and seek them out.
(Ezek 34:11 TS98)

Trustworthy is the word and worthy of all acceptance, that Messiah יהושע came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am foremost.
(1Tim 1:15 TS98)

When Shaul/Paul was called as an emissary for the Gentiles, did he knew who the Lost Tribes Of Israel were?

Yes, he knew, indeed, because Yahushua clearly stated that they are those who hear Yahushua's voice which is the Torah of YHWH given to Moshe/Moses, (John 10:2-4, 14-16, Rom 10:1,2, Rom 4:16).

Which by it, we should also know who are these Lost Tribes of Israel Today.

“I (Yahushua, HaMashiach,) am the good shepherd. And I know Mine (He Knows He is a Jew, the root of Dawid of the Tribe of Judah, who followed the Torah), and Mine know Me, (except for those who do not recognize Him as the Mashiach of YHWH, because they have added to the Torah, they have been blinded by YHWH, 2Th 2:11, Eze 20:25, John 9:39, 12:40, Acts 7:42, Rom 1:24-28),
(John 10:14 TS98)

even as the Father knows Me, and I know the Father, (the Torah is the Character of the Father, by following it we assimilate Him in us, we become like Him, therefore we would know Him, and Him us, we would be One with Him and with Yahushua HaMashiach). And I lay down My life for the sheep.
(John 10:15 TS98)Please also see: The Seal Of The Living Elohim

“And other sheep I have which are not of this fold (The Lost Tribes of Israel) – I have to bring them as well, and they shall hear My voice (the Word of YHWH, is the Torah, John 14:23,24, 17:17, Psa 119:142,151,165), and there shall be one flock, one shepherd.
(John 10:16 TS98)

On account of this it is of belief (obedience), that it be according to favour, for the promise to be made certain to all the seed, not only to those who are of the Torah (according to the lineage of Jacob), but also to those who are of the belief of Aḇraham, (obedience to the Torah like that of Abraham), who is father of us all (who obey the Torah of YHWH)
(Rom 4:16 TS98)

Please note, that Abraham believed (in Hebraic mindset, meaning, Obeyed) the Torah of YHWH, Elohim. And obedience to YHWH, is called righteousness.

And Elohim made a Covenant with Abraham, that the seed, the Mashiach, who would fulfill this would come from him, his lineage through Jacob who Later would become Israel -- "Triumphant with El", "who prevails with El" because he had overcome himself. 32:28 and 35:10)

And likewise, the gentiles who would overcome the ways of the gentiles through "obedience" of the Mashiach, and become "Triumphant with El" becomes the Children of Israel.

The Gentiles = The Lost Tribes of Israel

Also note, The World, The Gentiles, and The Lost Tribes of Israel are synonymous depending on the context, Rom 3:10, Psa 14:7, Amos 3:1,2, Deut 7:6, Dan 9:19. But, it is not Synonymous with Church in the Replacement Theology.

The Covenants of YHWH, Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel is now Through Yahushua HaMashiach. This Covenant is still a Covenant between YHWH and Israel.

And it does not annul the previous 6 Covenants that were made by YHWH, even before Israel came, as taught by any so-called Remnant Church of today. Rather, it strengthens them. Therefore, Beware of any church. For there is not any covenant by Elohim to any church in the Bible.

As it has been written, “There is none righteous, no, not one! (Shaul/Paul directly quotes from Psa 14:1-3, and he is referring to the whole world)
(Rom 3:10 TS98)

O that the deliverance of Yisra’ĕl (the Gentiles) Would be given out of Tsiyon! (Remember the Torah, go back to the Torah, it is the "deliverance out of Tsiyon", Mal 4:4-6) When יהוה turns back the captivity of His people, Let Ya῾aqoḇ rejoice, let Yisra’ĕl be glad, (Shaul/Paul understood clearly what Dawid meant; it is this mystery/secret Shaul/Paul is alluding to, to us to grasp, what Dawid is clearly alluding to here: that the Lost Tribes of Israel called the Gentiles, Lost in the whole world, will be delivered by repentance, repent in Hebrew means going back to the Torah of YHWH).
(Ps 14:7 TS98)

Hear this word that יהוה has spoken against you, O children of Yisra’ĕl (who is Israel?), against the entire clan which I brought up from the land of Mitsrayim, saying,
(Amos 3:1 TS98)

“You alone have I known of all the clans of the earth, (So, who is Israel? Those who obeyed YHWH when He instructed them to come out of Egypt, 600,000 thousand men are ethnic Israelites, and over 2 Million are mixed multitudes), therefore I punish you for all your crookednesses.”
(Amos 3:2 TS98)


The Voice of the Shepherd is the Torah (Deut 18:18,19). The Torah also contains the terms of the Covenants between two parties. It is a marriage covenant.

Those who would take up the Covenants of YHWH, and take heed of its terms and conditions, becomes His bride -- Israel. YHWH has given His bride a new name, after Jacob has struggled and overcame his weaknesses, so shall All be after they have overcome their weaknesses through the Torah of YHWH and His Grace through Yahushua HaMashiach.

The Last Covenant YHWH, Elohim made between the Children of Israel, is through Yahushua HaMashiach. The BRANCH, A Jewish Mashiach of the root of Dawid. Please also see: The Spirit Of Prophecy

This Covenant through the Mashiach was already transposed. By which Shaul/Paul, an expert of the Torah was chosen, to teach to the Jews and the Gentiles alike. How it was transposed from physical to spiritual, from earth to heaven, from written in stone, to written in our hearts, from a legalistic standpoint, to motivated by love. And the entire book of Hebrews explains this.

The following texts, also points out that YHWH will gather the two houses of Israel -- Yahudah/Judah and Yisrael/Israel.

יהוה builds up Yerushalayim, He gathers the outcasts of Yisra’ĕl –
(Ps 147:2 TS98)

And He shall raise a banner for the nations, and gather the outcasts of Yisra’ĕl, and assemble the dispersed of Yehuḏah from the four corners of the earth.
(Isa 11:12 TS98)

The Lost Tribes Of Israel:

They were named Asher, Dan, Ephraim, Gad, Issachar, Manasseh, Naphtali, Reuben, Simeon, and Zebulun—all sons or grandsons of Jacob. In 930 bc the 10 tribes formed the independent Kingdom of Israel in the north and the 2 other tribes, Judah and Benjamin, set up the Kingdom of Judah in the south. Accessed: Jun 5, 2014 Ten Lost Tribes of Israel | also see:

In Hebrew, and in Greek, the word "Gentiles" literally means “nations.”

In Scripture it has the meaning of non-Yisra'ĕlites or non-Yehuḏim, in most cases.

And In a few instances it means “many, or all nations, including Yisra'ĕl.”

The true believer is repeatedly admonished not to learn the way of the gentiles (Lev 18:3, Deut 12:30, 18:9, Jer 10:2, Eze 11:12, Eze 18:9, Mic 4:5).

And those who were gentiles before they came to conversion are admonished to “no longer walk as the gentiles walk” (1Co 12:2, Eph 4:17, 1Pe 4:3).

Therefore, those who were gentiles, but came to belief (obedience), who are grafted in among the true Yisra'ĕlites (Rom 11:17-24), simply have to unlearn their old gentile ways, and “come to the light” of Tsiyon (Isa 60:3), and “walk in the light” of the Renewed Yerushalayim (Rev 21:24).

They shall serve יהוה , they shall love the Name of יהוה, they shall no longer defile the True Sabbath, and they shall hold fast the covenant of יהוה (Isa 56:6). The True Sabbaths of the Scriptures to KeepBeacon Signal To The Sabbath

They shall come to the House of the Elohim of Ya῾aqoḇ, to Tsiyon, to Yerushalayim, and be taught the ways of Elohim, the teaching, the Word of יהוה (Isa 2:2-3, Mic 4:2).

And What is the future of this unrepentant gentile world in which we live, who are outside the covenant of יהוה?

None at all!

How about a Remnant Church? Is There a Remnant Church?

None at all!

Read this in Isa 34:2, Jer 25:26-33, Jer 30:11, Jer 46:28, Dan 2:44, 7:27, Amos 9:8, Obad 1:15-21, Hag 2:22, Rev 11:15. Only Yisra'ĕl, the true Yisra'ĕl, shall be saved, everlastingly saved (Isa 45:17), in the end-time judgment!

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