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The Fullness Of The Gentiles

What Is The Fullness of the Gentiles"?

This is a short essay and a very brief study blazing a path to catalyze further study hoping we can collectively share and gain knowledge of the Truth in the Scriptures.

For I do not wish you to be ignorant of this secret, brothers, lest you should be wise in your own estimation, that hardening in part has come over Yisra’ĕl, until the completeness of the gentiles1 has come in.
Footnote: 1 Gen. 48:19.
(Rom 11:25 The Scriptures 1998+)

But his father refused and said, “I know, my son, I know. He also becomes a people, and he also is great. And yet, his younger brother is greater than he, and his seed is to become the completeness of the nations.”
(Gen 48:19 The Scriptures 1998+)

Bible Definitions

Please note the primary meaning of "fullness" is "Full", "Completion", "Filled Up". The Scriptures 1998+ translated it as "Completeness". The secondary meaning in Hebrew is "multitude" which to me alludes to filling the nations of The Lost Tribes of Israel assimilated, which then is referred to as the multitude. Please Note, this is only a secondary meaning.

Does the text alludes to filling the Nations of the World which becomes the multitude of Israel?

Is it then a quota? A number of peoples among the nations who would be gathered? In which number when fulfilled, Elohim would return His attention to the Jews? There are some teachings I came across that think so.

If so, I wished we can find this number in the Scriptures. If there is one, But, I think, there is none.

What does "The Fullness of the Gentiles mean"?

G4138 πλήρωμα plērōma play'-ro-mah

From G4137; repletion or completion, that is, (subjectively) what fills (as contents, supplement, copiousness, multitude), or (objectively) what is filled (as container, performance, period): - which is put in to fill up, piece that filled up, fulfilling, full, fulness.

H4393 מלו מלוא מלא melô' melô' melô mel-o', mel-o', mel-o'

From H4390; fulness (literally or figuratively): - X all along, X all that is (there-) in, fill, (X that whereof . . . was) full, fulness, [hand-] full, multitude.

H1471 גּי גּוי gôy gôy go'ee, go'-ee

Apparently from the same root as H1465 (in the sense of massing); a foreign nation; hence a Gentile; also (figuratively) a troop of animals, or a flight of locusts: - Gentile, heathen, nation, people.

Please note: Gentiles on our Bibles could also mean heathens, nations or peoples.

There are two keywords that resonate as I ponder upon this text:

  • The Gentiles, and

  • Fullness

The Strong's definition of "gentile" is a non-Jewish and by implication, pagan or heathen. Please also see: Who Are The Gentiles.

Connecting The Dots: The Fullness

Does the fullness mean a magic number of the gentiles gathered by YHWH? Well, I still hope to find this magic number in Scripture. We might, perhaps, someone might come up with a magic trick after all, such that when the magic number is hit, there shall be a rapture. Well, I guess, We will have to wait and see.

I do not think, this is what "Fullness" means, in this text.

If we clear with the Scriptures.

The primary Hebrew meaning to this word, is "full" or in other words "maturity = completion = whole = perfect". The secondary meaning is "multitude".

Therefore, The Fullness of the Gentiles, could mean, the Maturity of the Gentiles.

Gentiles have three different meanings: The World, The Heathen/Pagan Nations, and The Lost Tribes of Israel.

Maturity of the World might probably mean, extreme good and extreme evil; immortality might already be possible, or seem to be possible; Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied in Robotics may have advanced to near human capacity where Robots can repair, re-create themselves or create another robots -- along these lines of reasonings.

Maturity of the Heathen and Pagan Nations might mean understanding and unity of all religions and peoples who believed in the Triune G-d, recreated in 325 AD by All Pagan religious leaders convened by Constantine. To Which J-sus Christ was born fused with the story of the Jewish Messiah, who became the second member of the Trinity.

It might mean that The modern State of Israel would become converted into mainstream Christianity, in which the Shema, is trashed, and the Trinity is uphold. And to me, This would be the "Falling Away" that Shaul/Paul also alludes to. For we have seen how the Nazarenes have fallen away as a shadow picture of how the chosen, the Jews of today, shall fall away, too, into the Trinity. But by this time, time would be shortened as was prophesied by Yahushua, the Messiah.Jupiter Ascending - Abomination Watch!

The Lost Tribes of Israel are those peoples who have a zeal for Elohim, but do not know Elohim. These are the congregations among the Gentiles/Heathen nations and the Whole World, among the religions, churches and denominations who have heard the Shepherd's voice and followed Him and still would follow Him by "coming out of her", and follow the Lamb to The End.

The next logical question would be: "Maturity of what?"

Maturity in All Areas. In this essay, it is spiritual maturity, maturity of faith.

Faith is the Fruit of following the Shepherd's Voice.

And What is the Shepherd's Voice that the Gentiles should follow? YHWH, our Elohim put His Words, (Deut 18:18,19), to the Last Days' Prophet, Yahushua HaMashiach, (Heb 1:1,2), the Shepherd, (John 10:11). The Shepherd's voice is the Torah, (John 8:28, 12:48, 14:10, 17:14).

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.
(John 10:11 TS98)

“I have given them Your Word, and the world hated them because they are not of the world, as I am not of the world.
(John 17:14 TS98)

“Set them apart in Your truth – Your Word is truth.1
Footnote: 1See Ps. 119:142, 151.
(John 17:17 The Scriptures 1998+)

If the Torah is the Word. Following the Shepherd would mean following the Torah. Torah means literally, "Teachings or Instructions Or Directions of YHWH".

Then, "fullness" is "maturity": "Maturity = Wholeness = Completeness = Perfection", (Gen 17:1, Deut 18:13, 1Ki 8:61, Psa 19:13, Pro 2:21, Mat 5:48, 19:21, Rom 12:2, 1Co 14:20, 2Co 13:11, Heb 13:21, Jas 1:4,25). Which means walking in YHWH's directions -- laws and commands and right-rulings. Which is also synonymous with "righteousness" which is also walking in the Commands and Right-Ruling of YHWH, our Elohim.

And This means, these peoples who have matured -- have learned about the Torah, have learned how to learn the Torah, understood the Torah, keeping the Torah, guarding the Torah, and protecting the Torah. These are peoples from among the Nations of the world, from the four corners of the world and from the islands of the seas.

Shaul/Paul explains this:

But solid food (Torah Understanding, of its physical to spiritual parallels) is for the mature (fullness, this is the "fullness of the gentiles", that should ignite jealousy to Yahudah, which will then bring about the Greater Exodus and the United Kingdom of Yahudah and Ephraim into One Kingdom of Yisrael) whose senses have been trained by practice to discern both good and evil.
(Heb 5:14 TS98)

Hopefully all of us will become one in the understanding of all matters -- truths (Acts 3:21). Because, we are at this point in time of the end, to fulfill -- To Mature in the Torah -- The fullness of the nations (gentiles also known as "The Lost Tribes of Israel"), so Yahudah/Judah (the dispersed Tribe of Judah, some of whom are already in Israel today), will be jealous and will themselves, drop the Oral Torah and will also go back to the Torah, in order to restore the whole Truth.

I (Shaul/Paul) say then, has Elohim rejected His people? Let it not be! For I also am a Yisra’ĕlite, of the seed of Aḇraham, of the tribe of Binyamin.
(Rom 11:1 The Scriptures 1998+)

Elohim has not rejected His people whom He knew beforehand.1 Or do you not know what the Scripture says of Ěliyahu, how he pleads with Elohim against Yisra’ĕl, saying,
Footnote: 1: Ps. 94:14.
(Rom 11:2 The Scriptures 1998+)

“יהוה, they have killed Your prophets and overthrown Your altars, and I alone am left, and they seek my life”?
(Rom 11:3 The Scriptures 1998+)

But what does the answer of Elohim say to him? “I have left for Myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baʽal.”
(Rom 11:4 The Scriptures 1998+)

So therefore also, at this present time a remnant according to the choice of favour has come to be. (do not believe that the Jews have been replaced with the spiritual Jews, they are only dispersed among the nations, but there are still remnants among them who have been faithful to YHWH, and will when the fullness of the gentiles come, will lead among the Jews a movement of going back to the Torah among the Jews and Gentiles.)
(Rom 11:5 The Scriptures 1998+)

And if by favour, it is no longer of works (legalistic observance of the Torah, rather, a love of the Torah emanating from within, obedience out of love, not out of legalism), otherwise favour is no longer favour (favour or grace, only comes with the Torah, without the Torah, there is no favour/grace). And if it is of works (legalistic observance), it is no longer favour, otherwise work is no longer work.
(Rom 11:6 The Scriptures 1998+)

What then? Yisra’ĕl (who got lost among the gentiles/nations) has not obtained what it seeks (favour/grace), but the chosen (those who keep the Torah, the remnant Jews who are faithful, not including, some of them who have whored, by mixed practices with Jewish Mysticism -- Oral Torah) did obtain it, and the rest (who did not keep the Torah) were hardened.
(Rom 11:7 The Scriptures 1998+)

As it has been written, “יהוה has given them (the Jews) a spirit of deep sleep, eyes not to see and ears not to hear, unto this day.”
(Rom 11:8 The Scriptures 1998+)

Dawiḏ also says, “Let their table become for a snare, and for a trap, and for a stumbling-block and a recompense to them,
(Rom 11:9 The Scriptures 1998+)

let their eyes be darkened, not to see, and bow down their back always.”
(Rom 11:10 The Scriptures 1998+)

I say then, have they stumbled that they should fall? Let it not be! But by their fall deliverance has come to the gentiles (the Lost Tribes who hears and begins to come back to the Torah), to provoke them (the Jews) to jealousy.
(Rom 11:11 The Scriptures 1998+)

And if their (the Jews') fall is riches for the world (all of the world), and their failure riches for the gentiles (those who hears the Word and go back to the Word/the Torah aka the Lost Tribes of Israel), how much more their (the Jews') completeness! (some of the Jews will eventually drop the oral Torah and will go back to the Torah)
(Rom 11:12 The Scriptures 1998+)

For I speak to you, the gentiles (those who have heard the Word and are obeying the Word), inasmuch as I am an emissary to the gentiles, I esteem my service,
(Rom 11:13 The Scriptures 1998+)

if somehow I might provoke to jealousy those (Jews of his day, as also, in our day, through some of the Jews who are like Shaul/Paul) who are my flesh and save some of them.
(Rom 11:14 The Scriptures 1998+)

For if their casting away is the restoration to favour of the world, (grace to those who follow the Torah), what is their (Jews') acceptance but life from the dead?
(Rom 11:15 The Scriptures 1998+)

Now if the first-fruit (Yahushua HaMashiach is the first-fruits from the dead, 1Co 15:20, Col 1:18, Rev 1:5) is set-apart (Yahushua is set-apart of YHWH as the Lamb of Elohim1), the lump (the Jews) is also, (for the Mashiach is a Jew). And if the root is set-apart, so are the branches, (the Jews are the natural branches from which the Mashiach came).
Footnote: 1: Please see: The Spirit Of Prophecy
(Rom 11:16 The Scriptures 1998+)

And if some of the branches were broken off, and you, (a non-Jew, but now following the Torah; the meaning of belief in Yahushua HaMashiach is actually following the Torah, for He said, if you love me, keep my Words, and His Words are not His, but the Torah of YHWH, John 14:23,24), being a wild olive tree, have been grafted in among them, (the Jews, for salvation is of the Jews, John 4:22), and came to share the root (Yahushua HaMashiach) and fatness of the olive tree,
(Rom 11:17 The Scriptures 1998+)

do not boast against the (natural) branches, (the Jews). And if you boast, remember: you do not bear the root, (the Spirit Of Prophecy, says the Mashiach must be a seed of David, a Jew, the root of Dawid, Rev 5:5), but the root bears you!
(Rom 11:18 The Scriptures 1998+)The Spirit Of Prophecy

You shall say then, “The branches were broken off that I might be grafted in.”
(Rom 11:19 The Scriptures 1998+)

Good! By unbelief (disobedience to Torah, for some of them also nailed the Torah to the Cross, or have added the Oral Torah and make the Oral Torah greater than the Torah) they were broken off, and you stand by belief, (obedience to Torah). Do not be arrogant, but fear (be diligent in your study of the Torah).
(Rom 11:20 The Scriptures 1998+)

For if Elohim did not spare the natural branches, (The Jews), He might not spare you either.
(Rom 11:21 The Scriptures 1998+)

See then the kindness and sharpness of Elohim: on those who fell sharpness, but toward you (Jew or Gentile) kindness, if you continue in His kindness, otherwise you also shall be cut off.
(Rom 11:22 The Scriptures 1998+)

And they (the Jews) also, if they do not continue in unbelief, shall be grafted in, for Elohim is able to graft them in again.
(Rom 11:23 The Scriptures 1998+)

For if you were cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature, (the Lost Tribes of Israel, are totally lost their DNA is scattered among the nations), and were grafted contrary to nature into a good olive tree, (the Jews, in Yahushua HaMashiach, according to the Spirit Of Prophecy), how much more shall these who are the natural branches (the Jews), be grafted into their own olive tree? (the promised seed, the Mashiach, must come in the lineage of the Jews, which Yahushua HaMashiach fulfilled in His person.)
(Rom 11:24 The Scriptures 1998+)

For I do not wish you to be ignorant of this secret, brothers, lest you should be wise in your own estimation, that hardening in part has come over Yisra’ĕl (both houses, except Ephraim have altogether lost the Torah, thereby also was lost among the nations), until the completeness of the gentiles1 has come in.
Footnote: 1: Gen. 48:19.
(Rom 11:25 The Scriptures 1998+)

And so all Yisra’ĕl (Jews and Gentiles grafted in) shall be saved, as it has been written, “The Deliverer shall come out of Tsiyon, and He shall turn away wickedness from Yaʽaqoḇ, (today the restoration is ongoing)
(Rom 11:26 The Scriptures 1998+)

and this is My covenant (through Yahushua HaMashiach) with them, when I take away their sins.”1
Footnote: 1: Isa. 59:20-21.
(Rom 11:27 The Scriptures 1998+)

Truly, as regards the Good News they are enemies for your sake, but concerning the choice they are beloved for the sake of the fathers, (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob).
(Rom 11:28 The Scriptures 1998+)

For the gifts and the calling of Elohim are not to be repented of, (Elohim is not a man that He should repent or change His mind).
(Rom 11:29 The Scriptures 1998+)

For as you (gentile, who are now going back to the Torah and obeying the Torah) also at one time disobeyed Elohim, but now have obtained compassion through their (the Jews') disobedience,
(Rom 11:30 The Scriptures 1998+)

so also these (the Jews) have now disobeyed, that through the compassion shown you (the Gentile, the Lost Tribe of Israel, who are going back to the Torah) they also might obtain compassion.
(Rom 11:31 The Scriptures 1998+)

For Elohim has shut them (the Jews) all up to disobedience, in order to have compassion on all (the disobedient Jews and the Lost Tribes of Israel among the nations of the world -- in other words: all of the peoples of the world who are now following the Torah).
(Rom 11:32 The Scriptures 1998+)

Oh, the depth of riches, and wisdom and knowledge of Elohim! How unsearchable His judgments and untraceable His ways!
(Rom 11:33 The Scriptures 1998+)

“For who has known the mind of יהוה? Or who has become His counsellor?”
(Rom 11:34 The Scriptures 1998+)

“Or who first gave to Him, and it shall be given back to him?”
(Rom 11:35 The Scriptures 1998+)

Because of Him (YHWH, our Elohim), and through Him, and to Him, are all, to whom be esteem forever. Amĕn.
(Rom 11:36 The Scriptures 1998+)

This is the point in time that the restoration of all things are taking place to maturity. Meaning, we should see the nations (gentiles -- the Lost Tribes of Israel) becoming like the Jews. And we could expect to see the Jews of today, becoming jealous of those who are now following the Torah rather than the Traditions of Men -- The Oral Torah.

We could also expect to see, these peoples, will be frowned upon by all sides -- the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims and the rest of the world. For it is said, you will be flogged -- labeled with all sorts of names. And will be taken to the synagogues (their turfs or territory, whether online or offline) to be mocked. Notice, these could be friends and family members and loved ones as well.

Today, some of us have had already seen and experienced firsthand this kind, what Shaul/Paul had described in these passages:

concerning whom we have much to say, and hard to explain, since you have become dull of hearing (for you have replaced the sound reasons of the Prophets with the traditions of your Pastors, ministers, church leaders, church prophets, going round and round about the True Word of YHWH).
(Heb 5:11 TS98)

For indeed, although by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the first elements of the Words of Elohim (the Torah of YHWH whom He gave to Moshe/Moses). And you have become such as need milk and not solid food. (Heb 5:12 TS98)

For everyone partaking of milk (dependent on Churchianity's traditions which are mixed with Lies) is inexperienced in the word of righteousness (obedience to YHWH's Teachings/Instructions or Torah), for he is a babe (immature, the foolish virgins).
(Heb 5:13 TS98)

But solid food (Torah Understanding, of its physical to spiritual parallels) is for the mature (fullness, this is the "fullness of the gentiles", that should ignite jealousy to Yahudah, which will then bring about the Greater Exodus and the United Kingdom of Yahudah and Ephraim into One Kingdom of Yisrael) whose senses have been trained by practice to discern both good and evil.
(Heb 5:14 TS98)


The Fullness of the Gentiles means, the Maturity of the Gentiles in Obedience to the Torah, which should then ignite a Jealousy towards the Jews, who shall then, drop the Oral Torah and Go Back to the Torah. As also commanded by Malachi:

“Remember the Torah of Mosheh, My servant, which I commanded him in Ḥorĕḇ for all Yisra’ĕl – laws and right-rulings.
(Mal 4:4 TS98)

“See, I am sending you (the wind of) Ěliyah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of יהוה, (the Great Tribulation).
(Mal 4:5 TS98)

“And he shall turn the hearts of the fathers (the Jews, actually is composed of all the 12 tribes of Israel, because some of the tribes of Israel before they were divided off, were given choices to take sides. Except that they have lost their identity to the Jews. And likewise, some of the Jews, took sides with Ephraim; and thus it means, they are our spiritual fathers, for they have held the Torah to this day for us all, and it is said, they will turn their hearts to their children, meaning, they will teach us the Torah) to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, (and likewise, our hearts will turn to them for the yearning to learn the Torah), lest I come and smite the earth with utter destruction.”
(Mal 4:6 TS98)

whom heaven needs to receive until the times of restoration of all matters, of which Elohim spoke through the mouth of all His set-apart prophets since of old.
(Act 3:21 The Scriptures 1998+)

“Comfort, comfort My people!” says your Elohim.
(Isa 40:1 The Scriptures 1998+)

“Speak to the heart of Yerushalayim, and cry out to her, that her hard service is completed, that her crookedness is pardoned, that she has received from the hand of יהוה double for all her sins.”
(Isa 40:2 The Scriptures 1998+)

The voice of one crying in the wilderness, “Prepare the way of יהוה; make straight in the desert a highway for our Elohim.
(Isa 40:3 The Scriptures 1998+)

“Let every valley be raised, and every mountain and hill made low. And the steep ground shall become level, and the rough places smooth.
(Isa 40:4 The Scriptures 1998+)

“And the esteem of יהוה shall be revealed, and all flesh together shall see it. For the mouth of יהוה has spoken.”
(Isa 40:5 The Scriptures 1998+)

And He said to them, “Ěliyahu indeed, having come first, restores all matters1. And how has it been written concerning the Son of Ad?am, that He is to suffer much and be despised?
Footnote: 1 Mt. 17:11, Acts 3:21.
(Mar 9:12 The Scriptures 1998+)

“But I say to you that even Ěliyahu has come, and they did to him whatever they wished, as it has been written of him.”
(Mar 9:13 The Scriptures 1998+)

Then, the remnant of the Israelites, kept by the Almighty, including some of the Jews shall be gathered from all the nations, and shall be grafted into the True vine. (Rom 11:1-36)

And "ALL" things to be restored unto "maturity" certainly includes the Sabbaths and festivals of Yahuwah, that includes the Calendar taught by Moses to the Children of Israel in the wilderness.

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