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Contentions In The Names

The Restoration Of All Truths movement

The Hebrew Roots

Babylon Is Confusion

How many of Christendom have not heard of the Restoration of the Name of the Father and the Son? It's been a while for me to have visited a church to hear a sermon, so I would not even know if some preachers and teachers out there are even teaching and preaching about it. So I'm guessing only those who are really, actively searching for truths in these last days will find these messages. I found these messages myself when I started looking and checking and verifying and investigating the doctrines taught by a church. I found these messages in the Internet.


The Restoration Of All Truths movement, as I found out, actually is not one organized body. It is diversed and in varying degrees. These are some of its banner messages I have encountered myself:

  1. Hebrew Roots -- a movement pressing forward to go back to the beginning, the old paths, the Hebrew Heritage of all Bible based faiths. To gain a much better understanding if not an entirely new meaning of a doctrine, a concept, or a word. To re-examine existing doctrines in the light of the Hebrew language now restored in the land of modern Israel, now learned and taught in schools and universities. 

    Hebrew Roots include considering Judaism, the Jews, the Israelites, the history of the Jews and the Israelites, from Abraham, from Noah, from Adam and Eve, and from the Creation week.

    The Goal is to get to the closest translation possible and arrive at the Absolute Truths. By understanding the Hebrew language, the Hebrew mindset, the Hebrew idioms, the Hebrew concepts of things in consideration of our modern way of things. The context of a message, instruction, judgment, and statute in these light.

    The roots of this movement are actually not the scholars who started learning and teaching the Hebrew Language, Hebrew idioms, and Hebrew mindsets who published and taught in schools and universities. But the people who started learning from these scholars' publications, a little bit here and little bit there. Like myself and many others like me.

    This movement encompasses all restoration truths. From this I have found specialized banner messages concentrating on one particular teaching.

  2. Restoration of the names of the Father and the Son -- this is one particular movement very specific to the message and gaining significant grounds. I can tell because of the amount of contentions I can find among various church groups in social networks and the Internet at large.

  3. Restoration of the Appointed Times -- a movement particular about keeping the Sabbaths of YHWH, and the Appointed Times of YHWH. This movement is slowly and consistently gaining grounds.

  4. The fourth one that I have recently spotted is about Tithing. It has not taken root yet but it will sooner or later. Or perhaps maybe not considering the financing of most of the biggest churches today comes from tithing. And this is probably the last straw that holds "Babylon" together. 

    Please note that I am not stating fore or against tithing. My intention is to just jolt and nudge you about tithing so that you will come to consider that there is truth and untruth about it. So that you will begin to look for the truth and follow the truth.

    Why? Because where your tithe goes, there goes your allegiance also.

Babylon Is Confusion

Notice I hold "babylon" in quotes to mean "confusion". Now let us compare the two sentences replacing "babylon" with "confusion" ~

*And this is probably the last straw that holds "Babylon" together.*

*And this is probably the last straw that holds "confusion" together.*

The second sentence is intended to jolt and nudge you to the realities of the doctrines of babylon that christendom considered and therefore cannot be confused by those who already accepted it or inherited it -- because it is already generally accepted and passed on to the next generations. As evidenced by just reading the first sentence.

I felt I need to elaborate. The "Babylon" in the first sentence can be understood clearly as the false church. Remember, the body of Yahushua has seven assemblies or congregations.

Assemblies or congregations is often times translated in the new testament as "church". I choose to use "assemblies" or "congregations" to be consistent with the old testament.

Among the seven "congregations" there is one that marries Jezebel. Therefore her doctrines are false doctrines. Her practices, her ceremonies are false. Although, it said, that not all of her followers are indoctrinated to the heart of her false doctrines.

Some of you already knew who Jezebel is and who is this "assembly" -- Thyatira -- as a church refers to today, who practices the ceremonies of Jezebel. And has influenced all the other "assemblies" as well. The influence is so subtle that it renders all other "assemblies" undesirable to Yahushua. Except one, there is only one "assembly" that will be delivered in the time of trouble.

This one "assembly" does not refer to a church, or a particular denomination. Which means that ALL of the Christian churches today are now become daughters of Babylon.


Please note the different meanings between "church" and "assembly" or "congregation". And mind you the adversary's cover-up has infiltrated even to the translations of our Bibles. Even to the Bible translations we come to trust.

Which I would like to remind you that what you come to believe may not yet be Stable Data to you, unless of course you have personally, cleared them yourself.

a building used for public Christian worship.
"they came to church with me"
synonyms: place of worship, house of God, house of worship; More
a particular Christian organization, typically one with its own clergy, buildings, and distinctive doctrines.
noun: Church
"the Church of England"
synonyms: denomination, ecclesial community;
the hierarchy of clergy of a Christian organization, esp. the Roman Catholic Church or the Church of England.
noun: the Church
institutionalized religion as a political or social force.
"the separation of church and state"
verb: church; 3rd person present: churches; past tense: churched; past participle: churched; gerund or present participle: churching
1. take (a woman who has recently given birth) to church for a service of thanksgiving.

1. a group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose.
"an assembly of scholars and poets"
synonyms: gathering, meeting, congregation, convention, rally, convocation, assemblage, group, body, crowd, throng, company;
a group of people elected to make laws or decisions for a particular country or region, esp. the lower legislative house in some US states.
"the Connecticut General Assembly"
2. the action of gathering together as a group for a common purpose.
"a decree guaranteeing freedom of assembly"

1. a group of people assembled for religious worship.
synonyms: parishioners, parish, churchgoers, flock, faithful, followers, believers, fellowship, communicants, laity, brethren, membership;
a group of people regularly attending a particular place of worship.
"that church took the place of the storefront the congregation had used before the war"
2. a gathering or collection of people, animals, or things.
"large congregations of birds may cause public harm"
synonyms: gathering, assembly, flock, swarm, bevy, pack, group, body, crowd, mass, multitude, horde, host, mob, throng 

Assembly and congregation are used interchangeably and sometimes "church" is used to mean the same as "assembly" or "congregation". But cannot be the other way around.

"Church" means the building, or the denomination. "Assembly" or "congregation" are the people in a "church" or a denomination.

Here's the crux of the matter -- all the seven congregations are congregations of Yahushua. Which to me means -- all who claim to be "Christians", and all who claim to profess to teaching the truths about "Christianity". Which also means that all who, except one "assembly", who have drank the wine of Babylon.

The word "babylon" or "confusion" I used here includes all false doctrines and includes all of Christendom's churchianity. No exceptions.

So, the words of the message "Babylon, Babylon has fallen" could also be replaced as such "Confusion, Confusion has fallen" to mean that false doctrine that have been traditionally believed to be true have been exposed -- "fallen". And people are beginning to found the truth. And some of these people who have found the truth are beginning to come out of "Babylon" -- the churches.

But Babylon has had its doctrines so established in the very mindset of the peoples that now it is even carried into the Restoration Of All Truths movement. Most of us fall into this mindset, that includes me, until we come to a realization and we get rid of it. I am getting rid of it. It is not so easy because thought patterns are also habit. So we have to be "renewing our minds" constantly until it is out of our mindsets, our systems.

Which means the indoctrination of Babylon is out of the ordinary. For our adversary is cunning and his ways are very subtle.

Restoration of the Name vs the Sacred Name Movement

At first glance these seemed to be one and with one message. Because these titles can be interchange. But I use these two titles here to mean differently and specifically, although out there these two are interchanged and can be confused.

I suggest the Restoration of the Name to mean the uncovering, revealing, and proclamation of the true names of the Father and the Son. This is one viewpoint.

And the Sacred Name Movement, I suggest to mean just the opposite -- the keeping, guarding, and covering of the names because they are 'sacred' -- dedicated to or set-apart for the worship of a deity. And this is the other viewpoint. This is the viewpoint most of us have come to and have not even realized.

Because the Bibles we used, do not even mentioned the actual names. As if there was a conspiracy to cover the names. I later read that the Jews of old have actually tried to cover the name by replacing it with titles such as 'Adonai', so that no one would accidentally be guilty of putting the sacred name in vain.

But those who are learned would know and could pronounce the name softly so that no one nearby could distinctly hear the correct way of saying it.

But now, with the Restoration Of The Name movement, it seemed the cover-up has become evident.

Well of course it is very obvious that there is a grain of truth in both sides. As a student earnestly seeking to learn the truths it is our personal responsibility to understand. And understanding can only come if we, personally, take responsibility upon ourselves to study, to divide the word -- doctrine, teachings, beliefs, considerations, conclusions, and judgments. To arrive at the Absolute Truth or Stable Data. (see How To Build Stable Data)

Remember, Babylon is confusion. And to study to come to understanding means coming out of confusion.

Now, when you begin to consider studying the teachings of the Restoration Of The Name movement. You will sooner or later come to contentions about the study. Which I have found myself. Earlier I have pointed out two viewpoints. These contentions come from the other viewpoints.

Because of the way the Babylon has indoctrinated us, these contentions can become triggers in us to fall into the Babylonian trap of dogmatism. When this happens we come into argument trying to defend what we have learned, instead of investigating it to find the truth. To those who are watching, they see only confusion and thus will avoid getting into the study. The work of the adversary is a success. But others will not be budge and will further investigate to find the truth.

Myself, I have decided to be on the middle ground when it comes to communication. Such as in sharing my thoughts on this blog. Which I hope to convey specific messages to two camps. One camp will come to know that we are on the same assembly on this one or that one. And the other camp will become curious what it is and hopefully begin to search out about it and learn. There is one other camp outside of these -- the dogmatist who will refuse to consider anything else outside of what was decided to be so, even if that decision is unfounded.

For example: I have learned in avoiding to use these titles -- G-d, L-rd, H-ly -- and if I have to, I have to spell it in this way. Or I will use it in close parenthesis this way "God" or this "god" and properly qualify it with adverbs and adjectives to mean exactly what I meant it to be.

So that to those who have not heard of the Restoration Of The Name movement, these might spark an interest to know more of why these are spelled the way it is spelled.

To those who have heard of the Restoration Of The Name movement, two things can happen. If one has clear understanding, one might come to agreement with me that we are both in the same assembly. And to a dogmatist, this is another one confused teaching.

My objective in pointing this out is to bring awareness so that one can come to a realization as I did.

Another example is the Tetragrammaton of The Name --as YHWH or YHVH or JHVH. There is actually no standard of spelling it in English. In other words there is no way of telling this is right and that is wrong.

However, I use the form YHWH as the letters J and V are the most recent addition to the English language. Although I do not see any difference between all these. And the use of the other two is ok.

One last example is the pronunciation of The Names. There are three different ways -- Yahweh, Jehovah, and YaHuWaH or Yahuah.

For now, I have settled on the pronunciation -- YaHuWaH or Yahuah. And I choose to articulate it as YaHuWaH -- Praise His name, because the four letters are readily recognizable. (see Restoring The Creator's Name and Pronouncing The Creator's Name)

Studying and clearing the names, I thought it was easy because other enthusiasts have already gone and studied before us. And we can just learn from their studies. However, even they have not found a clear cut absolute recorded way of pronouncing the Creator's Name. Instead we rely on hypothesis and theories arriving at several way of pronouncing The Name.

This is also true that there is no correct way of spelling The Name or articulating the pronunciation of The Name in the English Language.

In other words, there is really no clear cut way of telling this is the correct way of pronouncing it or articulating it and that is the wrong way. Only personal preferences and logic dictates.

Therefore, we should not engage into debate and argument about how to pronounce the name. But instead be one on proclaiming The Name more often.

I also came to a contention which is hard to clear as well, because the documents referred to cannot be verified online. Nor was it quoted in a way it can be understood readily. So, I stick with these, that any one can clear or verify personally through the Internet.

Note: contentions that are hard to clear or cannot be cleared are most likely false and are meant to throw us off balance.

For me, with the pronunciation of the Names I have found are trustworthy. I have not yet come to conclude it to be Stable Data for even the scholars themselves rely on theories and hypothesis to arrive at an approximation. But it is trustworthy and we can use it accordingly and let us hope to find a confirmation sooner or later in our walk.

So, if there are contentions in the way, let us then investigate it, to find the truth. If it cannot be confirmed, then we shall have to continue with what we have for now. Until then.

My final objective in this essay is to show you how we should handle Trustworthy Data that cannot yet be Stable Data.

YHWH Bless you!!!

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