Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Success and Integrity

Success can be anything and tied to any endeavors of one's life depending on any one's basic purpose. Success cannot really be measured. But money however is tied to measuring one's success. This however, can be true or false.

All good things just happened at the right time of one's striving. This is what I have learned. And I have also found out that that is also connected to one's own Integrity and Honesty. So the right time is that time when one has confronted one's own failures and recognized one's own faults and make a resolution to turn a 180-degrees.

What I found out first was pretty much in common in all of the most successful people on the planet. It is not just one thing but several attributes. And many of us are already aware of these and have been reminded of these in several training seminars, some from church sermons, some on sales training seminars and some on positive-mental-attitude seminars and the like.

Some of these attributes, to name a few, in my own words, are: singleness of purpose truly tied to ones core basic purpose in life, tenacity, dream, perseverance, faith and belief in the providential guidance that everything that happened, happens for a reason and must be learned and built upon. And a generous heart always looking for the benefit of another.

And a "break" always happens when one has a clear vision of ones dreams, and clear vision is achieved when everything is aligned with one's purpose in life, tied to one's own Integrity and Honesty.

I have experience this success myself very early in life when I was sixteen, and that carried me through life until I was in my very late twenties. Then I have also experience failure at the onset of my middle life and I can attest to the fact of my experience that success and integrity goes hand-in-hand together.

The failure I experienced in my early thirties is due to the wrong choices I have made in my early twenties. Which at that time of making them I was aware of the fact that it was wrong, yet, I did it. And that was the beginning of the wrong choices I have made that follows after that. Which culminates to a failure in my later years.

During these years however, I have no clue that the cause of these failures are the impingement of my Integrity and Honesty. As I learned later and observed, the same can be said to be true with anyone who failed on one's Integrity and Honesty.

I have heard the cliche that goes something like this "treat failure as stepping stones to success". This is actually easier said than done until I learned that each failure is actually a failure in Integrity and Honesty in oneself, in one's commitments and promises, to another being, in commitments to one's family, a group, church, organization or community.

And each action we make against our commitments, cause us to doing the same action over and over again, getting us trapped into this vicious cycle I would like to call the 'downward spiral'.

We are unique beings among other creatures on earth. Because we can reason, we can make choices, and we can be better and we are actually made to be wholly good or perfect, originally. And it is because of this basic goodness in us that cause our blindness, that we cannot see our faults. It is this basic goodness in us that compels us to justify our faults and errors instead of realizing them and admitting them.

This is also due to the fact that when one sees another being at fault the one seeing is quick to put down the one at fault and then goes on to bury the latter with undesirable labels that is really, really unacceptable. Remember, we are all wholly good or perfect that is this reason why it hurts being labeled.

Somehow, we had a start on life on the farthest reaches of the ripple of the 'downward spiral'. We do not really have easy access to what is outside the spiral. Hence we do not really know by firsthand experience what it means to be whole or perfect. Although we know instinctively what is outside the spiral. And we strive by instinct to step outside the spiral.

And inside of us we know the basic rules of Integrity and Honesty except that we are dependent and influenced by our environment. Hence our judgments are mixed up and we begin to explore doing one action that begin to impinge on our Integrity, then the grip of the current of the spiral begin to drag us slowly and we begin to doing the same actions over and over and this actions also breed another actions that again impinge more of our Integrity. And so the cycle is propelled.

I have been following some of these powerful and inspirational speakers and teachers and gurus such as Bob Procter, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins to name a few. And also spent time to reading self-help books. And even heard the same messages repeated in the church pulpits, in the sales training seminars by preachers, teachers and successful individuals.

All of these people say one thing in common -- that success is tied to "Improving Oneself" -- To learning, acquiring proper knowledge and skills. Without stepping on another being's beingness. And I followed their teachings.

My failure and crisis in the beginning of my mid-life I now consider a necessary training. And it is in these times that I have learned that this so called "Improving Oneself" is actually a realization of One's Impinged Integrity and Honesty. When I realized this everything becomes clear and I immediately know what to do.

I need to take inventory of all my failures and determine the actions that 'begin' to cause them. And to handle them. Like I said earlier, making failures stepping stones are easier said than done. But even these I have to learn to handle them as well. Which I will share in another post -- Understanding Pain and How To Handle Pain.

Then I was withdrawn from the environment I was in, that was not helpful to me. Which only later I realized it was Providence that withdrew me and I deeply appreciated that. I begin to experience many of these kinds of events. Most of these gurus identify these events in what is now known as "the law of attraction".

In the beginning, when these events happened, it seemed contrary to what I wanted. But as I remained faithful to my resolved to correct actions, I began to see later the beauty with which it happens. Which many would call a blessing in disguise.

This experienced has taught me clearly that falling happens rapidly, quickly, and straight down without warning. However, one does not fall off immediately. One small error builds on another small error until it reaches a point of no-return and another step and one falls down a hard fall. I made one small error in choice when I was in my early twenties, and fell off in my mid thirties.

When one is fallen, it can take years and years for one to recognize ones faults and errors. And most often than not, one is made aware when one hits the bottom hard. Although this is not my case, my situation was, I did not know how to handle my faults and errors. You might think it easy to say to just stop doing it, but it is not as easy as saying it. Because of the justifications that one creates. Justifications are basically reasons one points to as the cause of ones faults and errors. This however, I have learned later.

The Opposite of Justification is the Realization of ones faults and errors.

Therefore life is governed by certain rules. And our interaction with another beings are also governed by certain rules. As nature is governed by the natural rules. These I have come to identify as Stable Data or absolute rules or truths. And believe it or not the Torah of the Bible contains the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

Because I cannot go back to my career because of my age -- because in my country age matters. Hence, I retired early. And So I pause and did some soul searching. Searching my basic purpose and to align my goals and dreams with that basic purpose. My basic purpose now that I have discovered is to share and echo the restoration truths of the Bible.

Now, I can see my progress. It is like climbing a mountain. Although I have not reach the mid point yet, the top has no fogs, no clouds and is now very, very clear.

This experience has also taught me how to recognize false doctrines and untruth in any other areas. In the case of Bible doctrines, By knowing the basic theme (or purpose) of the Bible, one can know to a reasonable degree whether a certain doctrine aligns with the theme or not. If it aligns it is therefore true doctrine. If it does not align it is therefore questionable, false and should be discarded like a hot potato.

This may sound easy but mind you. The nature of deceit in this caliber is much, much more clever than any other in this nature. Because most of the truths are buried in time. And Time is the Ally of deceit.

Recognizing this however, one should now begin to see silhouette in the dark.


YHWH Bless you!