Saturday, June 29, 2013

Truth In The Age Of Deceit

Since I got bitten by the "Seeking-The-Truth" bug, I ended up with studying the Bible. Studying the Bible is quite a challenge. Specially that we are in the "Age of Deceit". Information from energy, physics, education, church, religion, politics and government and most importantly spiritual matters are covered up or muddled with deceit. While the subject of study itself is already quite a challenge to most people.

Studying the Bible to determine the true doctrines with all the information we have already learned, and learning to unlearn them to learn the truth is the order one must take and it is quite a challenge. It was for me but Providence had lead me to it quite in very unusual places. Places I would not dare get into, or touch had I not known that the teachers of truth I once considered to be with integrity are in reality influenced by sources that are mixed with deceit. Consequently their teachings are also mixed. And this is without their knowledge. They are innocent. So, I am not judging any of them. Even if they are dogmatically defending the deceit they believed to be true. They are still my brothers and sisters. And I'm hoping that one day soon they would realize.

So, unknowingly they believe all along to believing the truth. And worse, they believe to be teaching the truth. Consequently, they defend what they believed dogmatically and become closed and unreceptive to any new information. Even worse, they believed I am the one being deceived. Truth and fiction can be strange.

Information I once considered to be true are actually mixed up with false. And this is true with everything. We live in the "Age Of Deceit", a world of sin. A world of confusion, we live in Babylon. It's very nature is to confuse, to deceive. It is but natural that in order to deceive, truth must be hailed up a banner first to attract those who already accept it as truth, a bait, in order to deceive them in another. So that truth will be mixed with error. Because evil knows that transgression with one instruction is transgression of all instructions.

When I learned some truths. I desire to share the truth. But I cannot just share without giving the source sometimes. And knowing that the source may have another information of deceit unrelated to the information I shared in the first place, this bothered me greatly because all sources, can be mixed with deceit. And I have to consider this. And I want to instill to my readers the same mindset with every information they receive including information I share.

Because I am not immune to deceit either. I am in my walk to restoration of all truths in myself, in my personal walk with the Father. And I also wanted to share every truth I learned in my walk. And my sharing the source might also lead one to be deceived by another information. We are so blessed with the internet and technology today that searching for information can be done by our fingertips. So with studying the Bible using the internet and technology today. But sharing entails responsibility. So I also wanted to make sure we are in the same page about investigating or verifying or studying information. That you will be responsible in checking, investigating or verifying or studying information you get or receive.

I just got this resolve to share the practical tools I used myself. These tools have helped me discern the truth from deceit. Tools that can be use readily. Bottom line is giving away the tools I use to study information and the responsibility of putting it into good use will be in ones hands. So, this gives me confidence that if employed into good use will also help ones in their study and learning experience and help them discern truth from deceit.

These are the tools: first is *Learning How To Learn* -- This is the tool I used to learn everything I have ever learned. Next is *How To Building Stable Data* -- This is the tool I use in my search for the truth.

One more thing. I believe if we continually ask the Father to lead us to all the truths in these last days. To restore the truths in ourselves, in our families, in our personal walk. Father will give us the love of the truth so that we will not be deceived and so that we will be lead to the truth. Please note that the love of the truth is given by the Father. So, even if we have the right tools and we do not have the love of the truth. We cannot find the truth.

Shalom! Shalom!

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