Sunday, August 16, 2015

September 2015 Information Wars

September 2015, believe it, or not, have been subliminally announced to the masses on several movies, several decades ago. Now, we are on the target year, and approaching the target month -- September, 2015.

The Illuminati know what is coming September 22-28, 2015 (part 1 of 8) - Renee M - YouTube - 00:17:12

We are bombarded with Information and Disinformation by both sides -- the forces of good and the forces of evil. Also known as "Information Wars" or "InfoWars". And this drive had been intensified since 2013. And the Truth is buried in plain sight.

The purpose of the forces of evil is two-fold:

  • 1) To fulfill the obligation to inform the public

  • MATT DAMON on ELITE & NWO - Amazing Speech On This Evil World - YouTube - 00:04:49

    33rd Degree in Freemasonry Hidden in Plain Sight "Order Out of Chaos" The Satanic Deception Exposed - YouTube - 00:05:16

  • 2) To prevent the public from getting the true message and going apathetic, to leading the public to "obey" the authorities -- be it government or one's local clergy or church, and by also giving disinformation, so that the true message is buried in lies.

  • And that is just one facet of the reverse dichotomy aka double deception aka self-deception. The satanic law of reversal Sabbatai Zevi & Jacob Frank Ken Ammi - YouTube - 00:40:12

Pope To Call For NWO At UN September Meeting - The Alex Jones Channel - YouTube - 00:37:52

And by design by the Powers-That-Be, we follow the rabbit trail Intuitively according to the Previous Information we decided to hold on to as most probably true. Also known as "dogmatically correct", aka "self-righteousness".

It is crucial for one to be able to wade through The Information Wars".Please see: How To Build Stable Data and Deception Hidden In Plain Sight What Is Truth?

What does The-Powers-That-Be Know that we don't know?

What Does The Illuminati Know About September 2015 That We Don't? - TheScariestMovieEver - YouTube - 00:06:55

What does the late prophecies say?

1973 Prophecy Of David Wilkerson:

David Wilkerson 1973 prophecy now becoming eerily accurate - alstoq - YouTube - 00:05:12

1980 Prophecy Of Ken Peters:

I Saw the Tribulation - Ken Peters (Best Video of End Time Prophecies) - TrueSpritWorship - YouTube - 01:36:58

The Headlines:

  • Emergency Alert: ??? 2.5 Mile-Wide Comet to hit Earth??? 12.0 Earthquake??? Giant Wave 200 feet high, Tsunami??? U.S. Dollar Collapse??? Global Financial Collapse??? Racial Wars Ensue??? Religious Wars Ensue??? Riots??? Looting??? Killing??? Rape, Pillage and Murder??? Perfect Chaos??? Emergency Powers??? Martial Law on ALL Countries??? One World Government Coming Out of the Open, aka NWO??? C.E.R.N.??? Jupiter Ascending??? Are WE Ready???

    New $100 Bill Decrypted - Nuclear Devastation - theJonathanKleck - YouTube - 00:08:25

    Efrain Rodriguez - Catastrophe Meteor Tsunami & Earthquake - EspaƱol & English - truthfreedom07 - YouTube - 02:41:04

  • ISIS & The End Time Armageddon

  • The FBI and The ISIS Newlywed Wannabes - The Alex Jones Channel - YouTube - 00:01:52
    Former General: Obama Allowed ISIS To Rise! - The Alex Jones Channel - YouTube - 00:02:33
  • Elite Now Evacuating

  • Worldwide Financial Collapse

    In Late 2013, Lindsey Williams released information about The Global Currency Reset, which happened about 4 times in 2014.

    In 2014, we noticed the prices of oil went up and down, consequently foreign trade & foreign exchange, and ultimately the local commodities have been affected. Now thought to have stabilized.

    That was The Global Currency Reset. It does not seem to adversely affect everyone, except the 1st-World Countries and big businesses, but their peoples were oblivious, why their buying powers dropped sharply.

    The Wealth of the World has been distributed somewhat. Taking much out of the rich, but giving out very little to the poor. So that the poor shall remain poor, and the rich will feel the crunch, though little it seems, and the middle class shall eventually become poor.

    Please note, the Currency of the Powers-That-Be is Oil, aka Energy. So, whatever happens to Oil, or Energy Issues will affect the whole political world -- Those who have Central Banks and Tax Collection Agencies.The Global Currency Reset

    • Might the U.S. Dollar Collapse this coming September 2015, and will have ripple effect worldwide?

    • And then, Might the New Global Currency be Introduced seamlessly globally, worldwide? Through Central Banks? Or the IMF? I do not know.

    • That remains to be seen.

  • Here are some Key Events Leading Up To September 2015

  • The Last Day of the Shemitah Year, Elul 29, September 13th 2015

  • SHEMITAH EXPOSED: Financial Crisis Planned For September 2015, TRUTH FROM A NON BELIEVER - ChicoandDebbie Jimenez - YouTube - 00:24:57

  • Jade Helm Concludes, September 15th 2015

  • Date Of Destruction ?, September 23rd, 2015

  • Date Of Destruction September 23, 2015 - The Alex Jones Channel - YouTube - 00:06:19

  • Pope Francis Address U.S. Congress, September 23rd 2015

  • Day of Atonement, September 23rd 2015

  • Watch for Nibiru, September 23rd 2015

  • C.E.R.N Breaks Through, September 23rd 2015

  • What is C.E.R.N.?

    CERN - September 2015 - opening the portal - Renee M - YouTube - 00:13:27

    September 23, 2015 CERN Breaks through IXXI DOOR: UNLEASH THE PROMETHEAN REALM C. Ervana 09232015 - YouTube - 00:12:34

    CERN WATCH: Pentaquark Portals and Elemental Spirits - FaceLikeTheSun - YouTube - 00:06:45

  • Pope Francis Address U.N., September 25th 2015

  • UN Agenda 21 On Steroids, aka Agenda 2030, September 25th to 27th 2015

  • Succoth Blood Moon, September 28th 2015

  • Confirmed-2.5 Mile Wide Comet expected September 15-28, 2015

    Confirmed-2.5 Mile Wide Comet expected September 15-28, 2015 - Renee M - YouTube - 00:11:07

  • "From Chaos Comes Order"

    ILLUMINATI 101 fom Chaos comes Order Final take 2.0 revised.mp4 OPEN MIND - YouTube - 00:04:47


There is so much information that we cannot keep track of. There is no doubt, the entire globe will be affected. By what? How? When? My guess is as good as yours.

My Aid in Wading Through Information and Disinformation is the Truth. What Is Truth then? What Is Truth Deception Hidden In Plain Sight might Also be Truth Hidden In Plain Sight How To Build Stable Data

I feel the hyped has built up the populace to a point of a collective anxiety slowly moving to apathy, meaning: the masses no longer cares come what may happen on September 2015. Like cattle following the move to the slaughterhouse.

The signs of a collective anxiety is civil hostility, building up to civil unrest. In order to avoid that, like what happened in Greece and Syria, the crowd must be moved into a collective apathy. In order to usher the World Envisioned in Agenda 21.

September 2015, may just come and gone, just like "The Global Currency Reset in 2014" did. The effect worldwide, aka the message to the whole world, may concern global environmental issues. Sounds Good, doesn't it? It is also known as Agenda 21 on Steroids -- Agenda 21 Implementation confirmation, aka Agenda 2030.

What is Agenda 21?

"Agenda 21" The UN's diabolical plan for the world is explained on the "Glenn Beck Show" - Steve Kemp - YouTube - 00:14:17

It's a Money Issue. And The Challenge to the Peoples of Elohim, is to Cleansed the Temple of Elohim of this Money Issue.Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of YHWH

Understand What Agenda 21 is, Thoroughly. Understand What Agenda 21 On Steroids is, also. AKA Agenda 2030.

Understand What Is Truth, Thoroughly. Only then can a People of Elohim Cleansed the Temple of Elohim. Buy the Truth and Sell It Not. Also Understanding and Wisdom.Proverbs 23:23What Is Truth?

Buy the truth and do not sell it – Wisdom and discipline and understanding.
(Pro 23:23 The Scriptures 1998+)

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